Is Biden Looking at His Own Watergate?

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

Michael McCaul, a Republican Representative from Texas, is the new chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He has an interesting point of view on the latest news of Biden’s classified documents scandal.

With the revelation of more sensitive documents being found at Biden’s Delaware home, McCaul likened the situation to the Watergate scandal of the Nixon White House.

It eventually led to the president’s resignation.

On Friday, the Department of Justice gathered more documents marked “classified” from the president’s time as a Delaware senator and others from his tenure as vice president.

Just the day before this find, Biden had insisted that the documents found at the beginning of November there was “nothing there.” He said that he did not have any regrets and was following what his lawyers wanted him to do.

“There’s no there there. Thank you,” he said.

ABC News host of “This Week,” Martha Raddatz, talked with Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons on Sunday. Raddatz asked, “How can he say he takes classified material seriously when some of what was found may have been in his home for more than a decade and he seemingly had no idea?”

Coons gave a rather non-committal reply. Raddatz followed that interview by talking with McCaul.

He began by noting that the news broke just before the midterm election and it was swept under the rug. When he was asked if he believed there would be political fallout, he responded, “I don’t know. You know, Watergate started as a very small burglary, and it led to the president of the United States resigning. So I don’t know what’s there until we see the documents.”

Then McCaul said that his wife is a Naval intelligence analyst and if she took one document home that was classified, “she would be prosecuted.”

Is this Biden’s Watergate?