Indiana Homeowner Surprises Thief with a Bullet

Lisa-S /
Lisa-S /

Getting ready to leave for work, many wouldn’t expect to see someone trying to rob them, but on a check of his property before leaving for work, that’s exactly what Alfred Burdine found. In the midst of rebuilding his home on North Forrest Avenue in Indianapolis, IN, the new homeowner decided to check around his property one last time before leaving for work.

Speaking with WTHR, she told the tale. “When I came around, I could see more of him. So, I parked right there, and I got out the car, and he was happy with the generator, walking off that way, and then, I walked up behind him, and then, I circled around him after I got his attention…The possibility of him going violent at that time was pretty high. It’s 4:30 in the morning, nobody around. You’re bold enough to break into my garage, my house, you’re bold enough to do anything.”

Going to reach into his pocket when confronted, the would-be thief found himself catching a parting gift from Burdine: a slug in his leg. Calling the cops, Burdine kept him at gunpoint until law enforcement and paramedics arrived.

Unsurprisingly, that’s not all.

Following a trip to the police station to give his side of the story, Burdine came home to find someone stealing from his property for a second time that day. As the homeowner explains, the city closed Central State, a hospital where people with mental health and addiction problems could go for help. Without it, he doesn’t see people being able to get the help they need, even if they want to.

Sadly, cases like these are becoming all too common. As blue cities and states continue to defund police and public health programs in the quest to spoon-feed illegals and divert money to special interest groups the attacks have only gone up. Holding their hands up in surprise, the liberals waste no time blaming conservatives and gun laws for the problems. Their inability to accept responsibility and take accountability for the results of their actions is going to kill us all.