Hunter’s Attempt at Reducing Child Support Fails Again

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If you’ve been paying much notice to the Biden family lately, you’ll know that most of the attention is once again aimed at first son Hunter Biden. As usual, his past has caught up with him again, and true to his nature, he’s trying to get out of it all.

In this case, he’s trying to escape being a father.

To be clear, Hunter has four children he’s been involved with since birth. Three girls were born to him and his first wife, Kathleen Buhle, and the youngest, a boy, was born in 2020 to his current wife, Melissa Cohen.

As for his daughter Navy Joan, born to Lunden Roberts in 2018, he has yet to even meet her. He has, however, been forced to pay child support to her mother, a former stripper with whom Hunter had a one-month affair. Roberts had a paternity test done in 2019 that confirmed Hunter as the father.

Shortly after that, in 2020, Hunter was ordered to begin paying $20,000 a month in child support.

To be clear, $20,000 a month is a whopping amount, more than most of us would even dream of making in two months, let alone one. But as you know, those amounts are always based on both parents’ living conditions and income. And seeing as Hunter has been the rich spoiled kid none of us could stand all of his life, we all know he can afford it.

Now, he wants to see if he can get that amount reduced.

According to him, his financial situation has changed in the years since child support became mandatory for him. He no longer works for Burisma Holdings or his father and is supposedly a “starving artist.”

Despite the fact that just one of his so-called artwork pieces can be bought for a whopping $85,000, he claims there has been a “substantial material change” in his life, causing him to be strapped for cash and now unable to continue making the child support payments he has been.
There’s just one problem with his claims: They aren’t very forthcoming.

In fact, as Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer said on Monday during a court hearing on the matter, “This cryptic hide-the-ball game isn’t going to cut it when we get to trial.”

She continued to scold Hunter for his lack of financial evidence, which was court-ordered. While Hunter did overturn some financial information, most of it was so heavily redacted and incomplete that Meyer says they are essentially worthless, according to CNN.

“The ability to redact is being somewhat abused,” she said in court.

If the judge is to accurately understand Hunter’s financial situation, she says he will have to be more transparent and open about everything, including his art sales, investments, and other business agreements.

Hunter has until May 12 to submit unredacted written responses to his financial situation. Once that is done, The New York Post says he’ll be deposed in mid-June. The case is set to go to trial in late July should both parties fail to reach an agreement before then.

Of course, it’s been noted that submitting those unredacted and complete financial statements may have some rather dire implications on the whole of the Biden family and, therefore, the President of the United States.

For starters, it’s still not a good look that POTUS refuses to have anything to do with this granddaughter.

Secondly, what if the financial records prove that he is just as corrupt as his son and give us enough reason to oust him earlier than a 2024 election surely will?

To be clear, a lot hangs in the balance of this one case…