GOP Is Ready to Lead…and the Press is Panicked

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The Democrats have been clicking their heels three times and making a wish, but it’s not coming true. Let the hysteria begin as the GOP starts flexing its majority muscles in the House.

The Democrats had some reprieve as the Republicans battled each other trying to decide who would be the next Speaker of the House. They could feel better about themselves by believing that this was proof that the GOP couldn’t govern because they didn’t work in lockstep just doing whatever the establishment tells them to do.

But then, McCarthy gave the necessary concessions to secure the gavel, and now votes will begin taking place on key conservative policies.

We will likely not see bills released by the elite in the party in the middle of the night with a demand that they are voted on the next day. There is new leadership with built-in accountability.

So now, the same press that was clamoring to have a speaker elected sounded somewhat panicked this weekend as the new reality started to sink in.

George Stephanopoulos, the former Clinton administration leader and now an “objective” anchor at ABC News, actually referred to an Armageddon on Sunday morning.

The truth is that McCarthy’s concessions basically bring the House back to normal. But because they were made by the “extreme” right, they are being spun.

Stephanopoulos believes the “fiscal security of the United States and the basic functions of government” are at stake.

Can someone explain why the “objective” ABC anchor never offered any criticism of Nancy Pelosi for her massive spending packages?

The panic in the press is not over the three days it took for the GOP to name a Speaker, and it’s not even about the concessions from McCarthy. It is about the fact that the progressive power of the left is coming to an end.