Even Biden’s Home Town Has Ghosted Him

Steve Cukrov / shutterstock.com
Steve Cukrov / shutterstock.com

By now, you likely know all about Democratic President Joe Biden’s constant trips home to Delaware. But you might not be so familiar with the fact that he spent the first ten years of his life in Scranton, Pennsylvania. And there, where his roots began, people are becoming less and less apt to support one of their own.

To be clear, it’s not like Biden has kept his birthplace a secret or anything. On the contrary, when he feels the need, he references his first hometown and the ties it has to the rust belt – no doubt for political purposes.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason that Scranton is just as likely to only mention him when it suits them.

Other than that, a recent report shows that the city and its residents are not so sure that Biden should have the position or influence he does. And they certainly question another possible term in the White House.

Jarrett Renshaw of Reuters recently traveled to Scranton, where he talked with dozens of residents about Biden. To be sure, there is still a great deal who, at least partially, support him. After all, there are two city streets and a highway named after him.

But, as Renshaw wrote, “Despite those strong ties, interviews with about two dozen Scranton voters show many harbor deep concerns about Biden running again.”

Can you guess what reason No. 1 is?

That’s right, his age.

At 80, everyone knows that he is already our oldest sitting president. By the time he would finish a second term, the man would be a whopping 86.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t personally know a lot of 80+ year-olds, mostly because the unfortunate fact of life is that not too many of us make it that far. In fact, none of my grandparents made it much past 70. That fact alone is rather sobering – considering that our Commander in Chief could die in office.

Another troubling idea is that, due to that age, their bodies and their minds are often not nearly what they used to be. I mean, can you imagine your grandfather, let alone your great-grandfather, attempting to do the job Biden is supposed to be doing?

Uh, no. And that’s not to discredit their capabilities in the least.

Hell, Renshaw even interviewed a man just slightly older than Biden in Scranton. And the idea of another Biden run was noted as “cringe” worthy by the 83-year-old Donald Banks.

In fact, the only reason those like Banks and another woman interviewed by Renshaw would vote for Biden again is if he were to run against Trump again. Only then he would be the “lesser of two evils.”

Of course, age isn’t the only issue here.

As a few of those interviewed pointed out, it’s not like Biden has done much to help the American people or those who live in his hometown.

Glyn Johns told Renshaw that there “should be more than street names that are changed and highways that are renamed for you.” She added, ” People on Biden Street are still struggling with their businesses.”

If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will.

Now, that’s not to say that we should expect any president to be able to fix everything in our cities and streets in a matter of just a few short years. However, that is kind of what Biden promised.

And yet, here we are three years later, and things are worse than ever. Inflation is record high; gas prices are soaring; crime rates are through the roof; education problems are everywhere; and don’t even get me started on unemployment rates.

The people in Scranton, just like everywhere else, expected to see better from Biden, particularly because he’s one of their own and, therefore, supposedly knows what they are going through. Yet, once again, he’s turned out to be just another politician saying one thing and doing another. Plus, he’s too old to remember most of it.

No wonder his hometown isn’t even fully supporting him anymore.