Document Hoarder Joe Biden Caught with Enough Docs to Fill a Tractor Trailer

Perry McLeod /
Perry McLeod /

Stolen classified document hoarder Joe Biden continues to find himself in a deeper and deeper hole as more classified docs continue turning up. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) correctly notes that Biden potentially has a tractor-trailer load of papers that the Department of Justice has not yet searched. When the FBI finally got around to searching one of Joe Biden’s mansions in Delaware, they turned up a bunch of additional classified documents. This time, they were classified documents from all the way back when Biden was a corrupt Senator – meaning he’d stolen them as far back as 2008 or earlier. But wait – there’s more!

If Joe Biden was stealing classified documents back when he was a US Senator, which is clearly a felony, then all of his papers from his 30-year Senate career need to be examined. As Senator Cruz notes, the University of Delaware that has been housing Joe Biden’s “Senate papers” has 1,850 boxes of documents that it is keeping secret.

Back when the media thought that the 2020 Democrat presidential nominee would end up being Pocahontas or Mayor Pete, they were all gunning for Joe Biden. The only time the press will try to honestly report on a Democrat is when they’re trying to skew a primary in favor of a different Democrat. And they did that with Joe Biden for a while, before realizing that the DNC was rigging its primaries in favor of LOL-81-Million Biden.

Joe Biden, you may remember, is an accused sex criminal. And back before he was anointed as the Democrat nominee, there was a concerted media effort to scrutinize Biden’s Senate papers at UD. The rumor, which has not yet been confirmed, was that Biden had paid off several women who tried to file sexual harassment claims against him when he was a US Senator. Biden had also been credibly abused of rape by Senate staffer Tara Reade back in the 1990s. We’ve also learned more recently that Joe Biden took showers with his daughter, which is just flat-out creepy.

Anyway, there are an awful lot of documents at the University of Delaware from Biden’s Senate career. Ted Cruz says that based on accused sex criminal Joe Biden’s track record of stealing and hoarding classified documents, those 1,850 secret boxes of documents need to be searched by law enforcement immediately.

There’s absolutely no question that Joe Biden stole classified documents at this point. Senators are only allowed to read classified documents in a SCIF – a “sensitive compartmented information facility.” Senators are supposed to leave the classified documents behind when they leave the SCIF. The only way to get those documents out is by stuffing them in your underpants like Bill Clinton’s National Security Adviser Sandy Berger did with the 9-11 documents.

We only know about the stolen classified documents that are still in existence. We have no idea how many classified documents the accused sex criminal and document hoarder Joe Biden and his crackhead son sold to Communist China or Ukraine or other countries. And we never will. But it’s almost a sure thing that a search of those 1,850 boxes is going to turn up even more stolen classified documents.

Here’s Senator Cruz discussing Biden’s tractor trailer full of classified documents that have been hidden from the press ever since the 2020 campaign: