Disgraced FBI Spook Peter Strzok Issues Veiled Death Threat Against President Trump

Kevin Hearn / shutterstock.com
Kevin Hearn / shutterstock.com

President Donald Trump held his first official on-the-road campaign rally in Waco, Texas over the weekend. The crowd was absolutely massive, with tens of thousands of people lining up early in the day to get in. It was the usual show of support for the man who is arguably the most popular president in all of American history.

The event was triggering to leftists across the country, but one of the original people to catch a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), was especially upset. Disgraced FBI spook Peter Strzok actually issued a veiled death threat against President Trump and his tens of thousands of supporters.

Trump’s supporters and Trump’s enemies obviously see the rally in Waco very differently. For better or worse, Waco, TX is a symbol of the Deep State’s failed domestic policies, government overreach, and rising tyranny in the US. These are all things that Trump has butted heads with since he first walked down the golden escalator at Trump Tower back in June 2015. By holding his first campaign rally in Waco, Trump was basically saying, “We know who our real enemies are.”

Trump’s enemies, on the other hand, view Waco as a blazing domestic policy success (pun intended). During the Clinton administration, the ATF and the FBI persecuted a small religious sect in Waco called the Branch Davidians. The ATF tried to invade the sect’s compound to look for weapons on some sort of trumped-up charge. Two ATF agents were shot and killed, along with six Branch Davidians.

A 50-day standoff with the group then ensued, in which the government deployed psychological torture against the 76 men, women, and mostly children inside the compound. The standoff finally came to an end when the Clinton administration sent in a tank with a flame thrower attached to it and burned the joint to the ground, killing everyone inside. That was to be the first of several mass killings of Americans committed by the US government in the past three decades.

Moral people who are mentally healthy view the Waco catastrophe as a mass murder carried out by the government. Sick weirdoes think it was a government success.

This brings us to disgraced FBI spook Peter Strzok, who was fired from his job for attempting to subvert the 2016 election by helping the Hillary Clinton campaign fabricate the Russian collusion hoax. Strzok also famously wrecked his own marriage by having an affair with an FBI attorney.

On Saturday, Strzok posted a veiled death threat against President Trump and his followers on Twitter. Strzok retweeted a dumb political column from the Houston Chronicle, along with this quote:

“Militia members and conspiracists know exactly what Trump’s Waco visit symbolizes… What he says will likely set the tone for the presidential campaign to come. Every American should be concerned.”

The tweet included a picture of the Branch Davidian complex engulfed in flames. You know, the fire in which the government killed 46 children because the Deep State didn’t like their parents. Yeah. That fire.

Strzok’s veiled death threat against President Trump and the MAGA movement could not be clearer. Peter Strzok may have been fired from the FBI for his coup attempt against President Trump, but that was like excising a wart from a person with a cancerous tumor. The FBI still has cancer, because it is flooded from top to bottom with people who hate heritage Americans with a seething passion.

We shouldn’t be upset that a disgraced FBI agent like Strzok is issuing veiled threats to burn our children alive. It’s refreshing to finally see some honesty from the Deep State.