Democratic Party’s Shock Troops Explode with Violence After GOP Takes Control of House

Bumble Dee /
Bumble Dee /

Violent Antifa domestic terrorist groups just caused violent riots and property destruction in several cities over the weekend. You’d think that Republicans had retaken control of one of the wings of government again. Oh, wait. They just did retake control of the House of Representatives.

So, here we go again. Look forward to two more years of violent Antifa riots, coupled with blinding indifference from the corrupt Department of Justice and the FBI.

It also started when an Antifa domestic terrorist in Atlanta started shooting at a Georgia State Patrol officer in DeKalb County. It happened during one of Antifa’s whiny protests where they just pointlessly yell a lot at the police with bullhorns and annoy all the neighbors. The terrorist’s name was Manuel Teran, and he wounded the officer. Other law enforcement officers shot back, and because they were not on meth like Antifa terrorists, they didn’t miss, and they justifiably killed Teran.

That caused Antifa to then go on a rampage in multiple states over the weekend, from Georgia to Massachusetts. At one point, a liar on CNN claimed that it was a “peaceful protest” in Atlanta, even as the terrorists were setting a police car on fire in the background and smashing ATM screens with hammers.

The “peaceful protesters” smashed the glass doors of the Atlanta Police Foundation and caused other damage. Six Antifa terrorists were arrested, and all six were from out of state. That’s kind of a weird coincidence, don’t you think?

In Boston, the transgender son of Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D-MA) was arrested for vandalizing a monument with spray paint. The alleged Antifa terrorist then assaulted police officers as he was getting arrested. His mom, who is now the second-most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives, tweeted that “This will be evaluated by the legal system, and I am confident in that process.”

Of course, she’s confident. Nothing bad ever happens to the Democrat Party’s domestic terrorism shock troops in Antifa or BLM. Rep. Clark’s transgender son, who she obviously did a great job raising, will have charges hanging over his head for a year or two, but he’ll never have to set foot in court. The prosecutor will drop the charges at some point, just as prosecutors in blue states have been doing for years now.

The Department of Justice and the FBI have refused to take action against Antifa for years because they’re on the same team. FBI Director Christopher Wray told congressional Republicans that the FBI was not trying to actively infiltrate any Antifa cells in the US. His reason? Because Antifa is “an ideology, not a group.”

This mirrors Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s (D-NY) take on Antifa. When he was asked whether he would denounce the Antifa violence in 2020 that was being committed on behalf of the Democrat Party, he shrugged it off. “That’s a myth,” said Nadler, dismissively.

The FBI still has plenty of time on its hands to hunt down the peaceful January 6 stolen election protesters. They nabbed three US Marines last week who had wandered into the US Capitol more than two years ago. The FBI is routinely arresting Christians who pray or sing hymns outside of abortion clinics. The FBI even arrested a doctor in Utah last month because he was writing proof-of-vaccination cards for his unvaccinated patients (so they could keep their jobs).

The FBI doesn’t even consider Antifa a real group. There’s just no time to look into them. It’s long past time for the federal government to designate Antifa officially as a terrorist group, which it obviously is. But first, we’d have to convince the FBI that Antifa and its choreographed acts of violence across the US are real. What are the odds of that happening, now that Republicans control the House once again?