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Megyn Kelly Questions If Girls Have Any Safe Place Left – Watch

Megyn Kelly spoke directly to the issue of trans and gender identity on her recent Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show.” She declared that...
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AOC is Schooled by Actual Doctor Over Her Comments on Gas Stoves

As you’ve likely heard all too often in recent days and months, the political left is out to abolish the use of all fossil...
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Weird: Your Tax Dollars Housed Ashley Babbitt’s Killer in a Posh Hotel for Months

On the two-year anniversary of the mostly peaceful January 6 Election Justice Protest, US Capitol Police shocked the world again. They arrested Ashley Babbitt’s...
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Is the United States Military Academy at West Point Erasing History?

America’s West Point is going even more liberal with recent moves on their property. Over the summer, Washington’s Naming Commission, which is made up...

FDA Now Claims It Never Tried to Prohibit Ivermectin as COVID Treatment

The FDA is now arguing in court that it never prohibited doctors from prescribing Ivermectin as an “off-label” COVID treatment. Do they think no...
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MSNBC Host Roasted After Trying to Defend Biden’s Lies

Chris Hayes, the MSNBC host of “All In,” faced a massive reality check while defending the long history of lying that our Commander-in-Chief has...