AOC is Schooled by Actual Doctor Over Her Comments on Gas Stoves

James Andrews1 /
James Andrews1 /

As you’ve likely heard all too often in recent days and months, the political left is out to abolish the use of all fossil fuels in the United States. First, Democratic President Joe Biden shut down what would have been a game-changing energy resource for the country on day one in office. Then he and his administration determined that we should all drive electric cars (despite the fact that he’s still driven around in a gas guzzler).

And now, they are proposing that all gas stoves should be banned.

Yes, you read that correctly. Gas stoves, like you, the one and about 40 million other households have in their kitchens, have been deemed unworthy of your time and money – all because they, like most heating systems, a large number of dryers, and a prominent portion of home water heaters, rely on fossil fuels to work.

And, of course, the left and their environmental industry advocates claim this is causing climate change or global warming, depending on what you want to call it.

Naturally, it should come as no shock that as a left-leaning puppet, Biden is considering a nationwide ban on these longtime household products as a result.

As you can imagine, I doubt the move will go over well with the vast majority of the American public.

Texas and GOP Representative Ronny Jackson, for example, is quite partial to his gas stove, remarking on social media that he’d “NEVER give up” his gas stove and that if the White House wanted it, they’d have to “pry it from my cold dead hands.”
Like what I assume to be a vast majority of the US, he has used gas stoves in their homes for decades. And he loves it. In fact, I know a good number of individuals who rather prefer gas stoves to electric ones.

I know because I contemplated switching to electric not too long ago due to the ease of cleaning a glass top in comparison to gas. But almost everyone I asked said they preferred their gas stove.

Apparently, it cooks way better. And for people that make their own food on a regular basis, that makes all the difference.
Of course, for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, none of that matters. According to her, it’s a major health risk.

In reply to Jackson’s Twitter comments, she tried to claim that having a gas stove has been “linked to reduced cognitive performance” due to the supposed ongoing exposure to NO2.

But, as usual, AOC has no idea what she’s talking about, science or no science included. She must have also forgotten that Jackson is an actual doctor. If you didn’t know, he actually served as the White House physician for both former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

And as he so factually pointed out, there is no evidence to suggest gas stoves cause any such symptoms or medical problems. I mean, maybe if you leave it on the light setting and lean down to breathe in the gas on a regular basis or something…
But I doubt that’s what most Americans do with their gas stoves.

Jackson also pointed out that perhaps AOC was self-diagnosing herself, as she has shown herself cooking on a gas stove in social media videos more than once.

As he said, “what’s wrong with your head IS NOT caused by stoves. Something WAY BIGGER is causing your decreased cognitive function.”

AOC might not have been using her gas stove at that very moment, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t get thoroughly burned.
Additionally, it was noted that the First Lady herself, Dr. Jill Biden has a gas stove and uses it frequently. There are pictures and videos to prove it. (Perhaps that’s what’s causing Biden’s issues.)

In any case, it’s not exactly a good look for our president to consider banning something that he and his family use on a regular basis, is it? And the hypocrisy of the political left continues.