Americans Charged Thousands for Crossing the Border, Immigrants Get the Red Carpet

Chess Ocampo /
Chess Ocampo /

As you’ve likely heard, crossing the southern American border with Mexico is becoming rather easy. At least, that’s the case if you’re doing it illegally.

However, honest, hard-working US citizens with all the right credentials can be detained for hours at a time, have their car impounded, and be charged a whopping $5,000 upon re-entry.

Yep, that’s right. Numerous cases are proving that doing something as simple as getting into the wrong lane of traffic coming from Tijuana, Mexico, will get you busted by the authorities. And if you are American, the consequences can be quite severe.

According to KTTV-TV, there is an express lane, known as the Sentri lane coming out of Tijuana and into America at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. However, only certain drivers are supposed to use it, namely those that have been preapproved for entry into the United States.

And should you so happen to get into this lane, even if by accident, authorities do not go easy on you.

Lawyer John Manley, who has handled a number of these cases in recent months, says, “They say, ‘Yep, we’re gonna take your car, or we’re gonna fine you $5,000’ for what amounts to being in the wrong lane of traffic.”

And according to Manley, only US citizens are typically targeted for such treatment.

Additionally, and as is mentioned above, those found in this predicament are often detained in chains and handcuffs for hours at a time.

Ana Salazar of Pasadena, California, says she was never more “humiliated” than when she was “shackled” to a metal bench for three hours after being caught in the Sentri lane on accident.

Rose of Burbank, California, has a similar story.

Bernardo Montenegro and his wife, Patricia Caro, say all they did was get in the wrong lane. And suddenly, they are being told they would need to pay $5000 or their vehicle wouldn’t be released.

Many more cases like this exist.


Well, for starters, it is noted that the roads in and around Tijuana aren’t exactly the most comprehensible, with many confusing systems joining together and some rather unclear signage. Additionally, it is noted that most navigation and GPS systems actually direct drivers to get into this lane as they prepare to enter the United States.

Naturally, either reason and certainly the combination of the two would make it easy for drivers to enter this lane without knowing they aren’t supposed to. Besides, it’s not like the consequences for such are posted along the roadway as a warning.

Another problem is that these kinds of consequences are supposedly only to be enforced upon an individual’s third violation of the lane, according to Customs and Border Protection officials. But as more than most can attest to, all it takes is once.

Those speaking to KTTV noted that they had never received a warning. Some had even flagged down CBP agents along the way to make sure they were proceeding as necessary before reaching the border checkpoint.
Naturally, those like Salazar have come to the conclusion that the whole thing is just a money-making scam for the checkpoint.

She noted that while handcuffed to that metal bench for hours, she remembers one of the agents coming and announcing, “We got another $5K.” it came off as a small celebration to her, making her think, “Oh, this is just a business.”

Meanwhile, according to CBP, some 2.76 million illegals were basically given the red carpet over the past year upon entry to the United States. They were given food, medical treatment, new clothes, a bed to sleep in, money, a cell phone, and free transportation to anywhere they wanted.

Sound fair to you?

It sure as hell doesn’t to me, especially when you consider that these individuals knowingly broke our laws. US citizens just trying to get home, on the other hand, just got into the wrong traffic lane and got treated like criminals.
But that’s Biden’s border policies for you.