MSNBC Host Roasted After Trying to Defend Biden’s Lies

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Chris Hayes, the MSNBC host of “All In,” faced a massive reality check while defending the long history of lying that our Commander-in-Chief has done over the long years he has been in Washington. He compared what Biden has done with the recent story of lies from GOP Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY) about his resume.

Santos has admitted that he lied about his work and education experience while on the campaign trail. Democrats were very quick to say that he is now unfit for the office he is running for and they called for his dismissal.

Jonah Goldberg, a writer, has called out Democrats for the hypocrisy that is present because of Biden’s long list of lies.
Goldberg tweeted that Santos is a “total embarrassment” and that he doesn’t have a place in public life. But he said a lot of people seem to have forgotten how much the president has embellished their “accomplishments.”

MSNBC’s Hayes tried to defend Biden and called his kind of lying “normal politician bs-ing.”

“I think there’s a line between ‘normal’ politician bs-ing and conman serial lying, and he’s got infractions on either side of that line… I mean it would have been a pretty big deal if it turned out Joe Biden didn’t have a law degree!” Hayes tweeted to Goldberg.

The Twitter world did not seem to agree with the way Hayes sees it. One person who responded said that Biden lied about being the first in his family to go to college, and he lied about his scholarship, lied about finishing in the top half of his class, he lied about having three undergrad degrees, and he lied about being a professor. The person said, “But by God, the law degree is real!”

Another person focused on the fact that Biden has lied about the most important parts of his life. He lied about the tragic death of his daughter and his first wife and the number of grandchildren that he has. They charged the reader to find something biographical about the president that he didn’t lie about.

And he summed up his response with, “Hell, he’s not even Irish.”