MN Human Popsicle Is Fugitive

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As if the month of June could not be weirder, for a family in the small town of Biwabik, Minnesota, it did.

On June 27th a family returned to their winterized home to find something had been left in the freezer. Namely, a body.

Later the body was identified as 34-year-old Brandon Buschman of Babbit, MN. With a warrant out for his arrest, authorities suspect he had slipped into the residence, and hidden inside the freezer.

Built as a chest freezer, Buschman had chosen to hide in an old model that locks when it is closed. As people and even children were smarter when the freezer was designed, it lacks the safety latch that modern freezers have, thus trapping him.

With the freezer off, the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office had their work cut out for them. Yet they were still able to determine that there were no signs of foul play.

While rare, these kinds of deaths happen more frequently with older and less efficient appliances that are commonly found in these remote seasonal-use homes. They are also frequently targeted by parental artists because of incidents like Buschman’s.

With kids getting trapped more often than adults, the campaign by the left to proclaim, “Won’t somebody think of the children??” has been non-stop for decades.

The death of Buschman is a unique one, but it also is something that the people in remote places like this are at least somewhat familiar with. These kinds of deaths are tragic in the aspect that they are preventable, but so far there has been no outcry about him getting his life back on track, or going back to school.