Child Trafficking Film ‘Sound of Freedom’ Crushes Woke Indiana Jones at the Box Office

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Africa Studio /

It’s a hit! Jim Caviezel’s new film ‘Sound of Freedom’ about the global rings of pedophile politicians, celebrities and business tycoons who participate in the child trafficking industry was hoping to pull in $2 to $3 million on it’s July 4th opening.

The movie not only smashed way past that amount, but also crushed the latest woke failure from Disney, ‘Indiana Jones and the Frumpy Dyke’ or whatever it’s called.

According to Box Office Mojo, ‘Sound of Freedom’ had a $14.2 million haul on the day that it opened. That same day, ‘Decrepit Indy and the Ugly Broad Who is Better at Everything Than Him’ only brought in $11 million. How cool is that?

Reviews are coming in for the Caviezel film, and they’re very good depending on which publications you read. Naturally, liberals hate it.

The Guardian newspaper in England titled its review: “Sound of Freedom: the QAnon-adjacent thriller seducing America.”

Seriously, liberals? Is that really the take that you want to have on this issue? Fighting child trafficking is now QAnon?

The groomers at Disney actually passed on the opportunity to distribute the film. It was probably a little too “on the nose” for them. That forced the producers to claw back the rights to the film, and then they ended up with Angel Studios doing the distribution. A rare social media message from based Mel Gibson also helped to spark more interest in the film, despite its dark subject matter.

Hollywood has, for the most part, been horrified at the thought of releasing a film like this, and we all know why. So far, ‘Sound of Freedom’ has an 88% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 100% fresh score from the public. That’s a hit by any measure.