More Convenient Timing as Trump’s Atlanta Court Date “Coincidentally” Set for Super Tuesday Eve 

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

Further proof of the left’s hidden agenda in the unending Trump legal challenges was revealed when Atlanta prosecutor Fani Willis proposed a convenient time to begin proceedings for March 4, 2024.  

Surely, it’s merely a coincidence that the date is the night before Super Tuesday. 

Usually occurring on the first Tuesday in March of a presidential election year, Super Tuesday is one of the most important dates for candidates in the presidential primary election season. It’s a significant day because multiple states hold their primary elections or caucuses on the same day, resulting in many delegates being up for grabs within the party nomination process. 

Candidates often focus a significant amount of their campaign efforts and resources on Super Tuesday states because winning a substantial number of delegates on this day can give them an advantage in the race for the party’s nomination.  

Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker noted that the proposed date of the trial’s commencement was scheduled just before “15 states plus American Samoa are going to go vote.” He said that the proposed timing of the trial means Trump will have no ability to visit the states prior to the vote due to preparations for his case. 

The planned date is a coordinated attempt to weaken Trump’s standings and smear his name enough to ensure that Biden gains a sufficient edge to win. 

Willis is set to juggle an impossible number of charges and defendants during Trump’s trial. She has leveled over 160 charges of conspiracy and more than 40 criminal charges against no less than 19 defendants and is hoping to try them all together.  

It’s estimated that there will be at least 60 lawyers present for litigation alongside the jury, defendants, and other courtroom observers. She will need a tent worthy of the Big Top for the circus she will be presiding over. 

Timing is everything for the Democrat party. January 2, 2024, is the proposed date of another Trump trial, which prosecutors are certain will take “no longer than four to six weeks.” 

The Republican Iowa caucuses are scheduled for January 15, meaning that the trial will remove Trump’s ability to campaign in this crucial contest. The Iowa caucuses initiate the nomination race and set the tone for subsequent primaries. The caucuses receive substantial media attention, influencing public perception and candidate momentum. Strong showings propel campaigns forward, and weak performances may lead to a candidate’s choice to drop out. A positive outcome can generate momentum that impacts later contests.  

The case being heard on January 2 is, ironically, for allegedly meddling in elections. 

Even if January 2’s trial ends in time for Trump to coordinate his place in the Iowa caucuses, another trial is scheduled for January 15 to ensure he has no chance to be a part of the important race. Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll will be taking Trump to the court that day for a defamation suit after he called her a “whack job” during a CNN interview. 

May 20, 2024, Trump’s classified documents case in Florida is scheduled. This is the day before the Oregon and Kentucky primaries. 

The trials are more than a targeted effort to remove Trump from the equation, however. Americans are noting the convenient timing of Trump announcements and indictments as coinciding with Biden scandal updates. In June 2023, a report revealed that the major networks, including ABC, NBC, and CBS, spent 291 minutes on wall-to-wall Trump indictments and zero seconds on emerging details surrounding the Biden corruption scandals.  

Meanwhile, reading between the lines of the left’s comments on Trump’s indictments reveal the true story. According to former House speaker Nancy Pelosi, it’s always been a game of “what charges can we find to indict Trump.” She revealed a little too much in a New York magazine interview when she gushed, “The indictments against the president are exquisite. They’re beautiful and intricate, and they probably have a better chance of conviction than anything that I would come up with.” 


“Come up with” implies that the left has been inventing ways to remove Trump from the equation for quite some time. It’s something Republicans already knew, but a confession seldom heard firsthand. 

But the concerted efforts to destroy a political opponent will predictably backfire on Democrats, as most of their schemes do. Not only is each indictment strengthening the former president’s lead, but they are also causing voters to choose to simply stay home on election day.  

It’s not Republicans threatening to stay away from the polls, it’s indictment-weary Democrats who are unexpectedly rallying behind Trump. They dislike the former president, but as one Democratic social media user posted, find that they “cannot in good faith stand behind a president enabling this abuse of power.”  

Regardless of the outcome of the trials, Trump’s ceaseless indictments will ensure that Democrats are buried so deeply in November 2024 that not even massive election fraud will save them.