ICE Loses Records on Over 375K Illegals They Let Into the Country With Tracking Devices

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US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has a big problem, and they haven’t the faintest clue on how to solve it. With President Biden at the helm with no desire to learn how to navigate the waters he has put the country into, this bounce off the rocks by ICE should come as a surprise to nobody.

In a letter from December 22nd to Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), ICE admitted that they had no clue about the location of 377,980 individuals they had admitted into the US. These illegal immigrants were to be tracked using their “alternatives to detention” (ATD) program.

This information is only being released due to TRAC filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for data about the ATD program from ICE. The data is from fiscal year 2019 to August 2022.

TRAC assistant Professor Austin Kocher spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) about the data released by ICE. “ICE’s response that they could no longer find records on immigrants in Alternatives to Detention (ATD) that they had previously released came as a shock, particularly after they informed us recently that they had been misleading the public for several months by releasing extremely inaccurate ATD data. The agency really needs to come clean. The American public deserves to have accurate data about the ATD program.”

The professor could not be more spot on. ICE has failed the American people with the ATD program. Starting in 2004, it allowed them to track illegals roaming the US via ankle monitors, GPS tracking, and cell phones. The goal was to make room in detention centers while they awaited their immigration trial, and this was the easiest way to do it.

ICE has recently admitted that they have been lying to the public about how many are in the ATD program, and now they have been forced to admit that they have no clue about the status of 377k of them.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time TRAC has taken issue with the data on ATD by ICE, and it likely won’t be the last, either. According to an earlier report by the DCNF, ICE was disclosing different figures at a private event, with a discrepancy of up to 18,000% with the public data on those not being tracked, and 600% on public disclosures for those with GPS tracking. Shuffling the numbers like this isn’t just rounding to make the math easier. This is out-and-out deception by ICE.

In response to the previous report, ICE apologized. “Upon further inspection of what participants were provided against what was publicly available online, it became clear there was a data miscalculation. Teams worked quickly to address and reconcile the issue, now updated on We regret ICE provided erroneous ATD enrollment data and worked to resolve the miscalculation going forward.”

Statements like these don’t sit well with TRAC or many other organizations. The American people deserve better. Since President Biden refuses to help US Customs and Border Patrol get the job done with proper funding, then ICE needs to fill the gaps. So far, they have failed Americans worse than ever before.

With the crisis at the border worsening, the order of the removal of state-made fencing along the border, and President Biden’s lack of concern over illegal immigration, the writing is on the wall.

Biden is looking for ways to get more people over here as fast as possible, and to hand them citizenship or to turn a blind eye to those who sneak by. He could care less about human trafficking, the massive surge of drugs flowing over, or the cartels. He is happy to sell out this country so his supporters have cheap labor, and so the kickbacks keep coming for him and his cronies.

Mark these words: the liberalism of Biden will lead to the collapse of the border if he succeeds in removing Title 42.