Creepy Joe Biden Tries to Lure Small Children by Promising Them Ice Cream


If any adult male in any other context were to proposition children the way that Joe Biden does, people would be gathering pitchforks and torches. The monstrous embarrassment occupying the White House made another attempt during a speech last week to lure little children into his panel van with the promise of some ice cream. At least Joe Biden didn’t ask them to help him look for his lost puppy this time.

The truly disturbing thing about these incidents, when Joe Biden tries to lure a small child into the forest with him, is that so many adults in the room just laugh about it. What parent who actually loves their child would sit there without saying something as a creepy pervert tries to lure their child?

(NARRATOR’S VOICE: A Democrat voter would.)

The same thing happened back in June when Joe Biden tried to lure a small child into the White House alone with him. Fortunately, the child’s Stranger Danger instincts kicked in, and she said no because her Democrat Parents looked like they were ready to allow it to happen.

We can’t even count the number of times now that Joe Biden has grabbed and manhandled the wives and children of people around him. He’s not just sniffing hair. There are plenty of examples of creepy Joe grabbing breasts or kissing small children—girls and boys who he is not related to—on the lips.

It’s gross, and we all know what’s going on. When are Americans going to stop being afraid of stating the obvious whenever this creepy, “alleged” pedo tries to lure another child into a place where they will be vulnerable to his advances?

Here’s Joe Biden’s latest creepy encounter with small children at the White House: