Britons Urged to Stock up on Candles and Torches Because the Power Grid is Doing GREAT!

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The Deputy Prime Minister of Britain is raising eyebrows this week after issuing a warning that all Britons should start stocking up on candles and torches (flashlights). Are the globalists planning something that they’re not ready to let us know about just yet? The EU is now entering its second devastating winter in a row after Joe Biden blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline in an act of environmental terrorism. That’s caused energy prices in Europe to bankrupt regular people and pensioners. Is Deputy PM Oliver Dowden’s warning a sign that things are about to get even worse?

During a visit to the UK military laboratory at Porton Down, Dowden urged people to start stocking up on candles and flashlights as analog alternatives, just in case the power grid goes down or digital communications suddenly go away. Dowden says he’s just trying to give “practical advice” to people, just in case something bad happens in the future.

And it’s NOT because Joe Biden’s idiotic and insane policies are on the verge of plunging the world into a Second Dark Age period.

There are multiple threats that the UK is supposedly facing right now, which Dowden cites as reasons for everyone to stock up on candles and flashlights.

First among those reasons is Russia. This is just silly propaganda being leveled against the British people. It’s almost as bad as the garbage that the American government and media have been feeding us for the past two years about the Ukraine-Russia conflict. If it weren’t for the British Prime Minister and the Biden regime provoking Russia into invading Ukraine, the war never would have happened in the first place. Plus, Vladimir Putin is no more interested in invading the UK than he is in invading Timbuktu. So, that reason is fake.

Reason #2 for Britons to stock up on candles is cyber-attacks, according to Dowden. Cyber-attacks from whom? It’s unclear, but apparently, it’s a reason for everyone in Great Britain to start learning how to grow a survival garden.

Reason #3: Pandemics. Good grief, do you think these people just revel in trying to scare the pants off of everyone? The globalists overplayed their hand so badly during the last fake pandemic that most people will just ignore anything they say when an actual pandemic comes along. Everyone realizes by now that the vaccines have caused far more deaths than COVID and that the government cure was far worse than the disease itself.

Reason #4 is the “misuse of artificial intelligence.” Artificial intelligence is definitely dangerous. It’s already putting lots of human beings out of work in various trades. If that’s not a “misuse” of technology, then what would a misuse actually look like? The other possibility is that Deputy PM Dowden is anticipating a Terminator-style future in which killer robots take over. We’re not super worried about that just yet, since the killer robots would be relying on the same batteries as electric cars to get around and murder people.

Reason #5 from Dowden, obviously, is bad weather. It’s always the bad weather with these globalists. You’re going to die at some vague point in the future because of the weather, according to the climate cultists.

All of this boils down to the question that we asked at the beginning of this article. Is the British Deputy Prime Minister telling his nation to turn into a bunch of doomsday preppers because he knows something that we don’t? Or is this simply more fearmongering to keep people in line and hoping that the government will save them if something bad happens?