Another Red Wave Could Be on the Way…

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If you’re anything like me, hearing about another supposed “red wave” doesn’t offer a whole lot of hope for conservatives. I mean, whatever happened to the red wave of 2022 that wasn’t?

However, plenty of signs leading up to 2024 say such a thing could actually happen – and this time, for real.

One of the larger ones comes to us from Florida, which conservative big hitter Ron DeSantis has turned into a Republican safe haven in the last few years and a beacon of hope to all purple states.

If you remember, as late as 2020, Florida was considered a red state, with registered Democrats outnumbering their Republican counterparts considerably.

But according to recent data, that’s not the case anymore. In fact, the Orlando Weekly noted at the end of May that there are officially about half a million more registered Republicans in the Sunshine State than Democrats now.

This means that a whopping 200,000 or more Republicans have been added to the state relatively quickly.

Similarly, Kentucky Republicans have seen a net gain of about 300,000 voters since November 2019.

Another fairly good indication that Republicans are on the rise is that the Biden campaign has recently been reported to have spent a considerable dollar amount on ads aimed at swing states such as Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, indicating that the Democratic agenda hasn’t faired too well there so far.

And voter data from both Arizona and Pennsylvania seem to confirm that Republican numbers are growing while Democrats are losing.

Of course, none of this means a red wave is for sure or on the way. However, they are all good signs that the American public is growing less and less confident in the Democratic Party and its ability to lead us.

2024 may or may not hold a red wave. But one thing is for sure; it’s going to be interesting.