Woman Pushing a Stroller Through Long Beach Savagely Attacked

Lesnikovfoto / shutterstock.com
Lesnikovfoto / shutterstock.com

Living in Long Beach, California, is already a tough enough proposition for many families. For an unnamed woman pushing a stroller on January 4th, things only got worse as an unidentified man chased after her and her infant son as she pushed him around. Being struck in the back of the head with a metal object without warning or provocation, the woman was able to escape with her son while screaming. According to the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD), she later received medical attention for her wounds, and her son was thankfully unharmed.

However, the man was not done.

According to Jessica Cerda’s account to Fox 11, she was forced to take her 60-year-old mother to the ER after the same man struck for a second time less than two hours later. Viciously attacking her, she was brutally beaten but left without being robbed or sexually assaulted.

According to the LBPD, the suspect is a “Male Hispanic Adult, mid-20s, 5’5” – 5’7”, peach fuzz mustache, wearing a white hat, turquoise sweater over a black hooded sweater, blue pants, and white and black tennis shoes, carrying a black bag hanging from his chest with shoulder straps around his neck.”

For much of Long Beach, this is just a more disturbing version of business as usual. Crime and violence are just a way of life for much of the city, and attacks like these are becoming more common. Given the description given, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that this attack was perpetrated by one of President Biden’s “asylum-seeking” border crossers.

As of recently, various police departments across the country have reported major upticks in illegals committing crimes. In this case, the description given by LBPD is often associated with these illegals and has been reported frequently across the nation. Given the massive and now incredibly widespread gangs coming across, all President Biden’s open border has done is turn America into a nationwide crime scene.

Stay ready and armed, my fellow Americans. These two ladies are so of the first of many who will be forced to deal with violence like this.