Whatever You Call Biden’s Border Policy, It’s Lunacy

Rabbitti / shutterstock.com
Rabbitti / shutterstock.com

So critics of President Biden keep declaring that his administration has an “open border” policy, and Biden’s cronies often loudly protest this as inaccurate. They try to show evidence of record-setting monthly numbers of border encounters and convicted felons captured. They talk about reports of guns and drugs being found and taken into custody, trying to debunk the “open border” tagline.

They really go way beyond rationality when they attempt to describe the border as “closed” and even worse, “secure.”

Sometimes they make such an absurd claim under oath.

The crazy truth about Biden’s border is that many of the so-called people who are detained by border control have crossed over illegally and “want” to be caught. They are surrendering in large groups because it has become an incredible way to be able to stay in America for an indefinite amount of time.
And the best thing of all for them is that they can do this all on America’s dime. We will even make sure that we will pay the bill for their passage to a destination city that the illegal immigrant can choose.

Not a bad penalty for illegal behavior.

This is the usual process, you break the law by crossing the border; you do it out in the open so that you will get “encountered” by border patrol; you get briefly detained, processed, then released pending a future court date for which you probably won’t show up; and eventually, you get on a bus or a plane to the city of your dreams.

Only in America!

What has been Biden’s response since taking office? Instituting policies that make it even harder for you to be deported once the process has begun. This is true even if you are found guilty of committing a crime while in the process.

If you think this process is crazy, just wait until we see what it looks like in a matter of weeks when Title 42 is removed by the Biden Administration. It has been one of the only effective tools still being used for the explosion of illegal immigrants.

Biden is doing the opposite of what you might expect, he is extending some government policies under the guise of an ongoing pandemic “emergency,” at the same time that he is killing Title 42.
And now that the election is over, there are Democrats who are now willing to question such lunacy out loud.

The border disaster is about to become even more disastrous giving illegal aliens even more incentive to enter the United States with even fewer tools to enforce their capture and deportation.
So people keep arguing whether it is right to call Biden’s borders open when the issue is so much bigger than semantics.

People, this is the issue: “Per multiple CBP sources, there were at least 73,000 known gotaways at the border in the month of November, representing a daily average of at least 2,400 illegal immigrants slipping past Border Patrol,” as reported by Fox News.

There have been at least 137,000 known gotaways since 10/1. That is more than 2,400 Every. Single. Day.

For more than a month, the known gotaways number was a massive 64,000. It is getting worse, and Title 42 is still in place right now.

As Bill Melugin has noted, “A majority of border patrol agents in busiest sectors have been pulled off front line patrol to instead process large groups.” They have been moved off of the front lines to process the paperwork of illegals who want to be caught.

Thanks, Joe Biden, your record is speaking for itself.