US Virgin Islands Connects Epstein and Musk Through Chase?

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On May 15th, the US Virgin Islands complained to a federal judge that they had been unable to serve Elon Much with a subpoena. They allege that he has documents pertaining to a lawsuit that concerns the bank and Jeffrey Epstein.

As a resolution, they have proposed to Judge Jed Rakoff that they be allowed to serve the subpoena on Tesla instead. With Elon Musk as the CEO, they believe it could not only make him easier to locate, but it would also help streamline the process of the investigation.

Per Reuters, inside the subpoena written on April 28th US Virgin Islands officials claim Musk may have (not definitively) gotten a referral to JPMorgan from Epstein. From what they allege, JPMorgan overlooked the sexual abuse of women on his private island, St James. Meanwhile, the bank has alleged that the actions of a former top executive and Epstein had nothing to do with them.

This decision by the US Virgin Islands isn’t something new for them. Unlike the alphabet boys here on the mainland, their investigators have been looking into this from multiple angles. Sadly, the stonewalling they have gotten on the mainland has forced them to look through every crack and crevice for information they think they can use to chase down Epstein in some way.

Unfortunately, this is leading them to grasping at every straw they can find. Epstein’s way of life has already had hundreds of big-name politicians and celebrities connected to it. Yet, the US Virgin Islands and the US itself have been largely silent or, at the very least, downplaying the problems. Perhaps if they focused on the known issues and stopped trying to follow the leftist agenda of blaming those looking to do good in the world, we wouldn’t have this problem.

Meanwhile, it was just a few weeks ago that JPMorgan bankers were JOKING about Epstein. Yeah, that happened…check out this video:

It’s as if we’re just moving further and further from a true sense of morality within our nation these days.