Ukraine Tyrant Bans Church for Two-Thirds of All Ukrainians

Diego Grandi /
Diego Grandi /

Any American who is not furious with the warmongers in the Biden regime by now over Ukraine simply hasn’t been paying attention. In a conflict that has absolutely nothing to do with America, and which serves no national interest for the USA at all, we’re funding the bad guys.

Joe Biden and the DC warmonger uni-party seem determined to bankrupt the US Treasury in favor of financing a needless war that NATO caused by tormenting Russia in the first place.

As if we needed another example of the fact that we’re helping the bad guys, Ukraine’s tyrant fascist dictator Volodymyr Zelensky has just banned the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

More than 20% of the money that Biden has committed to Ukraine has already gone missing – about $22 billion. So far, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is one of the only members of Congress who is calling for an audit to find out where all that cash disappeared to. The State Department has failed to provide an accounting of the dispersals for the first time in the history of the State’s Inspector General. Nobody knows where the $22 billion went, and no one on Team Biden wants to know.

We do have some ideas, however, thanks to Candace Owens and others who have reported on the situation from Europe.

An awful lot of Ukrainian mobsters in tracksuits are running around in Lamborghinis and buying up expensive real estate in Switzerland and France. They’re all friends of Zelensky, no doubt.

We’re being told that Americans are duty-bound to support the non-NATO country of Ukraine in this pointless border war because we are “protecting democracy.” But apparently in Ukraine, the definition of democracy is very different than the one we have here.

For example, back in May, Zelensky banned all opposition parties. Anyone who speaks out against the war or suggests that Zelensky should sit down for peace talks before this gets any worse is jailed. Free speech is forbidden. It’s Zelensky’s way or the highway. And just for good measure, in the same dictatorial order that banned all opposition parties, Zelensky announced that the Ukraine government would be seizing the private property of anyone who speaks out against him.

That measure was followed up on by the Ukraine government seizing every TV news station and newspaper in Ukraine and consolidating them into one governmental propaganda unit. Ukrainians have no access to any news that runs counter to what Zelensky wants the “media” to say. So that takes care of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

This week, Zelensky decided to polish off the rest of the freedoms that we think of as the First Amendment here in our democracy. He banned the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. That’s not a small thing in Ukraine.

71% of Ukrainians identify as Christian believers. 67% of all Ukrainians are members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Zelensky just banned church for two-thirds of his people, which eliminates the freedom of religion in that country.

What exactly did the churches do to infuriate Zelensky? The same thing that Christian churches always do: They were praying for a peaceful resolution to the war.

Zelensky accused the churches of “manipulating” Ukrainians and “weakening Ukraine from within,” because they were praying for peace. We don’t know what atrocities or persecution Zelensky will be committing against the Christians of Ukraine, since the announcement was just made. But isn’t it interesting that this tiny, corrupt country being run by a dictator obviously thinks it has enough troops to shut down the churches that two-thirds of Ukrainians belong to?

Ukraine has no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, and now, no freedom of religion. Does that sound like we’re supporting the good guys in this conflict? Does Ukraine’s Zelensky sound like a person who deserves more American taxpayer dollars?