Twitter’s Laptop File Release Makes Watergate Look Cute by Comparison

Mehaniq /
Mehaniq /

Last Friday night was a historic moment. Elon Musk released the “Twitter files” from the 2020 election, and he timed the release to coincide with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight – the most-watched hour on cable news.

The Twitter files revealed one of the greatest acts of mutiny and treason ever committed by federal agencies. The FBI and intelligence agencies directly colluded with Twitter and presumably the rest of the tech companies to deceive the American people and sway the outcome of an election. The release of the Twitter files was a remarkable moment – one that makes Watergate look downright cute by comparison.

For those who don’t remember, some guys affiliated with Richard Nixon’s 1972 reelection campaign broke into DNC headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. They got caught stealing some files and trying to plant listening devices – a tactic that was first implemented against the press by Democrat FDR in the 1940s.

Nixon denied knowledge. When it was discovered that Nixon taped every conversation in the White House, and then he refused to hand over those tapes to Congress, it was obvious that a cover-up had taken place. Nixon resigned in shame, rather than being impeached by Congress.

Sounds cute, doesn’t it? In comparison to what happened in 2020, it looks like history probably owes Richard Nixon an apology at a minimum.

We already knew that mass cheating played a role in stealing the 2020 election from President Trump. This was definitively proven in every “swing” state that paused the counting of the votes on election night as Trump was leading. What we suspected, but did not have proof of, was that intelligence and law enforcement agencies were involved in illegally swaying the election as well. Now we do have proof.

The Twitter files showed that the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA were all involved in suppressing Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell.” The FBI was having weekly meetings with Twitter execs and telling them which posts from influential conservatives and right-leaning news organizations to censor. That’s such a clear violation of the First Amendment that it needs no explanation.

Okay, we’ll explain it: If the government tells a company “Censor that,” it’s illegal and a violation of the First Amendment. The government doesn’t get to order a company to censor Americans and then pretend it wasn’t involved.

What’s especially terrifying is how the collusion against President Trump was system-wide. 51 former “intelligence experts” went on the record publicly to declare that Hunter’s laptop had “all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.” This was a lie. They all knew it was a lie. And they used their credentials as former Directors of the FBI, the CIA, and other agencies to give the lie credibility.

The idea of partisan federal law enforcement is a lot more frightening than anyone in Congress seems to realize. Now that they’ve been outed as bald-faced liars, those 51 intelligence experts are refusing to comment.

House Republicans are threatening to drag every Twitter employee involved in the censorship and election meddling in for questioning in an investigation. Why bother? No Republican voter wants that to happen.

We want the government officials who committed treason and violated one of our most sacred civil liberties to go to jail and be kicked out of government service forever, as befits traitors.

After meddling in the election and getting His Fraudulency installed in the White House, those same agencies then went to work immediately arresting Trump supporters. People had better wake up to what’s going on here – especially Republicans in Congress. The attacks on our system and our way of life are only going to continue getting worse until these government hacks start going to jail for their crimes.