Twitter Censorship Hearing Goes Dark, And This Rep Has the Perfect Response

Kisseleva Katya /
Kisseleva Katya /

What does it mean when the power goes out during an all-important Congressional hearing? Well, as one GOP representative pointed out, it’s a sign that the left’s climate change strategy is working just as planned.

It happened on Wednesday during a House Oversight and Accountability hearing regarding the censorship found on Twitter in recent years and months. As you likely know, Twitter has been called out by a number of individuals, both congressional members and not, for allegedly censoring what users can say and post on their accounts.

Most notable is the supposed censorship of the entire Hunter Biden laptop story.

If you remember correctly, the scandal happened while then-presidential candidate Joe Biden was campaigning for the White House. Should the story have gone viral or been seen and heard about on both mainstream news channels and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, there is a very good possibility that it would have sullied the Biden name enough for Sleepy Joe to have been either forced to forfeit his race or would have lost miserably.

But as you know, pretty much everything about the finding of the laptop, who it belonged to, and what was found on it, was kept in the dark and from the American people.

And since then, dozens more stories, as well as individual social media user accounts, have been equally censored. Oh, and most of them have been owned by conservatives.

Naturally, with the House now being led by the Republican Party, those so-called coincidences are currently being investigated. As such, the Oversight Committee has brought in key former Twitter executives, recently fired by Elon Musk, to testify on record.

It was during such questioning that this sudden power outage occurred.

GOP Representative Gary Palmer from Alabama had just begun asking questions when everything suddenly went dark.
Thinking on his feet and making sure to get a quick jab in at the political left, Palmer comically said, “Sounds like the Green New Deal to me.”

The perfect response if you ask me.

No, it has nothing to do with the matter at hand or even censorship in general. However, it does have everything to do with the progressive’s ideas of making the US and, in fact, the world more environmentally friendly. But like all of their other plans, they are neither well thought out nor does it work.

Sure, the idea of converting all energy forms to electricity or using sources that do not pollute our environment is a noble one. I think we can all agree that if we want to leave our future generations with a healthy planet, then we have to be making more environmentally conscious decisions now.

The problem comes when 1) those decisions aren’t actually all that environmentally friendly, 2) they don’t work, and 3) they are being forced on what is supposed to be a free people.

Take the electric car that Biden wants to make you drive, for example.

Sure, it doesn’t use fossil fuels, so it doesn’t put more carbon dioxide into the air. But its battery has a number of problems. For starters, its materials are so rare and costly that millions of acres of wildlife habitat, freshwater sources, and fields for farming are being turned into nothing but mining pits.

Secondly, once constructed, the battery is so heavy that it causes the car’s tires to erode at a much faster pace, sending bits of toxic plastics and fossil fuels flying into the air, the water, and the ground where we eat, sleep, and travel.
Then, of course, there are problems with those batteries and vehicles, bringing me to the next point. They just don’t work reliably enough to be sustainable. Besides, they pull a massive amount of energy from an already overtaxed system – hence the blackouts and outages.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, Biden and his cohorts want to make it impossible for you to buy gas-powered options, whether for your vehicle or kitchen stove, in the future.

AOC, who was actually in the room to hear this particular barb at her creation, should be ashamed of herself.