There’s a Problem with the Hospital Photo of John Fetterman

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It’s been clear since before John Fetterman was elected to the Senate that nothing is as it seems. For starters, he had a stroke shortly before that election that had most of us questioning both his physical and mental fitness for office. And now, with a month-long hospital stay for “clinical depression” ending, that uncertainty is all the more prevalent.

In particular, there are questions surrounding a few photos released by his staff this past week.

As I mentioned, Fetterman was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center about five weeks ago after suffering lightheadedness and then depression-like symptoms. He was shortly thereafter diagnosed with clinical depression.

Naturally, there have been questions surrounding whether or not he is still fit for office and about who is handling things in his absence. Just as naturally, his staff has responded quickly with images and promises that the senator is recovering well and his job is being taken care of.

And true to their word, reports this week indicate that he has, in fact, recovered enough to be released from the hospital.

There’s just one problem. The photos his staff put out of his release don’t do much to silence the questions. In fact, they only demand more.

One, in particular, has people everywhere questioning whether or not Fetterman is even still alive or whether he’s been replaced with a body double.

Colin Hugg did us all a favor by tweeting a side-by-side of two John Fetterman photos. You can definitely tell that there’s something up:

As Juanita Broaddrick noted on social media, the recent photo, placed side by side with an earlier one, doesn’t even look like the same man. Broaddrick wants a “DNA sample” to verify that it is.

And she’s not the only one.

Catturd2 said that the senator got a “total head replacement.”

But what’s even worse is that it turns out that the newer photo isn’t actually new. In fact, timestamps show it to have been taken a year ago, on a day when Fetterman and his wife supposedly wore the exact same outfits and had a similar background…

Yeah, it all seems a bit fishy, to be sure.

And it’s why it’s hard not to believe the conspiracy theories.