The Ladies on “The View” Need Constitution 101

Ron Adar /

How long can “The View” stay on the air when they continually show how inept they are in understanding basic knowledge about the American political system? All they seem to be able to do is rant about liberal talking points with an anger that they believe is humorous.

Once again, the ladies proved that they have no real understanding of both the facts and the United States Constitution. This was glaring as the panel talked about the recent religious liberty case currently before the Supreme Court.

It’s a case in which the state of Colorado claimed that their public accommodation law can force a website designer to make a design for a same-sex wedding. This is certainly compelled speech that is against the designer’s beliefs.

The ladies on “The View” went ballistic in rants that went way over the edge with this case.

Whoopi Goldberg started it all off by declaring that the whole point of the Constitution (we’re guessing that she just meant the First Amendment) is about “freedom from religion.” In other words, you can’t be forced to subscribe to anyone else’s religious beliefs.

She went off on the idea that the web designer at the center of the Supreme Court case is “pooping on my religious freedom.”

She says the Constitution gives us “freedom FROM religion.”

And she asks: “whose religious beliefs are we protecting?”

Can we encourage Whoopi to go back to a Constitution 101 basic course? The First Amendment is about not establishing a state religion. It is also focused on protecting a person’s right to the free exercise of his or her religion.

It is not about “freedom from religion,” which is a progressive slant that is not based on truth. The First Amendment is exactly the reason why graphic designers’ rights should be protected. The Bill of Rights is there to protect everyone in the country from government overreach.

Whoopi goes way too far in comparing someone being forced in their speech against their religious beliefs to not serving a person because they are black. She makes a huge leap describing doctors being OK with gays dying from lack of medical treatment.

Then Sunny Hostin, a “devout” Catholic, jumps into the ring attacking the Court and religions. She said religion is being used to disguise discrimination.

Believe it or not, Joy Behar becomes a voice of reason within the progressive group. Joy asks about the reverse situation and it dumbfounds the group, she asks about a baker who might be asked to make a swastika cake. “Am I compelled to bake that cake?”

Sunny choked on some words and says that her law school training taught her she must bake the cake.

Alyssa Farah tries to be on both sides of the issue saying she’s against coerced speech but that this could be a “slippery slope.”

She ultimately claims that this case is a “tough one,” but she calls the web designer a “bigot.”

“But I’m also against coerced speech” Alyssa adds. She wonders what happens if a gay web designer gets commissioned to make an anti-LGBTQ site. But says it’s a “slippery slope” to “racial discrimination.”

Whoopi can’t seem to stay on point with her rants because, at one point, she says she wouldn’t be forced to make a cake against her beliefs, that the right not to do it should be “protected.” She scoffs at people who talk about “freedoms.” She says she’ll refuse to bake the Nazi cake.

They continue to go back and forth on their own points haphazardly, but eventually, they join all together in blaming religion for its discrimination.

Haines denounces all religions saying they justify heinous acts “in the name of the untouchable religion.”

Sunny agrees, saying “they hide discrimination … within the Bible, under the Bible.”

Whoopi started going off the deep end telling people in the service industry to just get out of it, saying SCOTUS is bringing back segregation, and doctors at Catholic hospitals are denying care to Jewish people.

Please ladies, just take the Constitution 101 class.