Mother Whitmer Ignores Political Drunken Son as the Man Finds out What Life Is Really About

Jewell Jones wishes that he never tipped the bottle the night he was arrested for driving under the influence. He wishes that he would have been more dignified when the cops pulled him over. And he would like to crawl in a hole and hide after he cried out for mother Whitmer to save him […]

AOC Proves Her Hypocrisy with Assessment of Biden’s First 100 Days

When now-President Joe Biden first won the Democratic Party’s nomination for the position, nearly everyone assumed that the far political left wouldn’t be too thrilled. After all, that meant their preferred candidate and self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders was out. Secondly, it proved that America wanted a more conservative leader and administration. However, since that […]

German Authorities Shut Down Worlds Largest Child Porn Site…An Int’l Task Force Is Hunting Down Its 40,000 Subscribers

More than 40,000 perverted pedophiles are highly disappointed since German officials slammed the hammer down on one of the largest international child porn sites in the world. The site catered to the whims of deranged dudes who literally got off at the sight of young naked young children, with little boys being the overwhelming preference. […]

Wow! Biden Justice Department Officially Declares War on Conservatives, Calls for Brutal Crackdown Against Trump Voters

The Biden Justice Department is weighing their options on yet another crazy initiative. They are said to be “actively considering” new measures that will allow prosecutors to obtain more authority when it comes to bringing specific charges against those who stand accused of domestic terrorism. “One of the things we’re looking at is would we […]

One Word Technicality Gives Supreme Court Win to Illegal Alien…

We all know words have power. It’s seen every day as humans choose to either create joy or destruction with their words. But nowhere is that power more seen than in the court of law. It is here where a single word can be the deciding factor of someone’s entire life. Take a recent Supreme […]

University Professors Admit They Teach Radical Government Instead of Assigned Class Material

It is a great thing when liberal Democrats make a mockery of themselves when they are caught in front of a live mic. When they conveniently forget that their microphones are on, they have a way of showing their true feelings of people and circumstances. And the things they reveal are usually hateful and evil […]

Dividing the Homeland Will Be Biden’s Claim to Fame

Joe Biden is quickly becoming the most significant mistake made in 2020. Voters are now looking back and wishing that they could change their vote to the Republican side. Biden promised unity and lots of good times ahead. But once his bottom hit the rocking chair, those promises turned to dust. And he quickly started […]

COVID Restrictions Lift, Causing Condom Sales to Soar

It’s hard to date when there are six-foot rules everywhere. One of the reasons why depression rates have been soaring is because of COVID regulations across the country. People just want intimacy – and it shows now that COVID restrictions are lifting. Condom sales are soaring. Now that it’s safe to go outside, head to […]

Buttigieg Reminds America Why He Didn’t Win the Presidency

Oh…Pete Buttigieg. He could have been a contender. As the former mayor of South Bend, Illinois, and a former presidential candidate, he spoke of great things for the United States. Or did he? Not too many people ever took him too seriously. He didn’t offer enough political background. He was entirely too liberal in what […]

Track Star Nearly Dies After Being Forced to Cover Face to Run Outside

Joe Biden is the masking wonder that seeks to place a permanent mask on the face of America. COVID-19 has long since been on the way out of American history. Numbers continue to fall, and life is slowly getting back to normal. But if Joe Biden has anything to say about it, people will be […]

Border Patrol Chief Refuses to Endorse Biden’s Ban on “Aliens”

It seems that every time a major issue begins to take control of the nation, the first step Democrats take (that is, after ignoring it for as long as possible) is to change the language of the situation, supposedly making it more acceptable to the public and less offensive. Take the ongoing issue with transgender […]

One State Steps up to Protect Workers by Banning Businesses From Requiring a COVID Vaccine to Work

As it turns out, some people want “the new normal” to require experimental injections to keep their way of making a living. Such a measure doesn’t sit well with many Americans and certainly not conservative lawmakers. Tuesday saw the state legislature in Montana pass a bill that blocks employers from requiring that their employees receive […]

When Insanity Reigns Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

The nasty part about the destructive teachings of the Democratic Party is seen in the hurt lives of people that end up committing suicide because liberals have told them that they have no purpose in life. For a child to be told repeatedly that they are no better than a bug because evolutionary teachings put […]

Boom! Conservative Leaders Send Clear Message Over Voting Laws

The 2020 election was a wake-up call for many people. What Donald Trump stated about the Democrats continues to come true as the truth about their dastardly deeds comes to the surface. The racist cries and stigmas that the Democrats cry into existence fuel a fire of hatred toward the new voting laws that now […]

AOC Met Her Match: Firebrand Conservative Details Plans to End Progressive’s Reputation and Career

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has been endearing herself into the hearts of conservatives due to her decision to finally stand up to New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her distinct brand of militaristic warfare against conservatives. According to Greene’s Wednesday tweet, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has agreed to debate her over the Green (no […]

The World Gangs Up on China for Genocide

The enemy of my enemy is my ally. Sound familiar? This is what the entire world is going through as many countries look to state that China has committed an unthinkable act. China has not made a lot of friends in the past few years. They’ve broken treaties. They’ve been guilty of human rights violations. […]

US Military Plans a Display to Ensure Taliban Doesn’t Get Any Crazy Ideas

President Biden has promised to remove the troops out of Afghanistan by September 11. Although there are some Republicans who are fearful of such a move, the military is working to ensure that it will not give the Taliban any ideas. Republican Representative Liz Cheney has been one of the most outspoken against the removal […]

The Bipartisan Border Crisis Fix Biden Won’t Sign…

Unfortunately, it seems that it takes a crisis or a series of them to occur for people to finally put their selfish desires and egos aside to work together for the greater good. You know, much like how the nation came together for a common goal after the atrocious attacks on September 11, 2001. It […]

Sick Ilhan Omar Uses One Funeral to Promote Another for Political Reasons

Ilhan Omar has no concept of what is acceptable with social behavior. For her to attend Daunte Wright’s funeral and that moment to stage a political activism speech is disrespectful and dishonoring to the deceased. Funerals are not a forum to push a political agenda or some personal vendetta. They are a time for the […]

If You’re Against DC Becoming a State, You’re Racist

Any time that the liberals want to push an issue, they’ll throw out racism to make people feel guilty. You’re either with them or you’re racist. Common sense has gone right out the window. Democrats are eager to turn Washington D.C. into its own state. They forget that the Constitution had created this area as […]

Wyoming Roofing Company Offers AR-15 to New Customers! Can You Guess Who’s Outraged Over This?

When we talk about the Second Amendment and states that staunchly support it, there’s a general rule of thumb: the farther west or south a state is, the more likely it is to be one conservative and two not very fond of gun control – that is unless you are talking about the west coast […]

What? Chicago Mayor Says Police Need to Ask for Permission Before Attempting to Stop a Crime in Process

The city of Chicago is trying its hand at police reform and the results are predictably disastrous. This is what happens when you try to upset the status quo just to please a few whiny liberals. Derek Chauvin’s conviction and the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus have led to renewed conversations about this topic. […]

Cruz Dismantles Abrams’ Stolen Election Claims

When we talk about Georgia, and in particular, elections in Georgia, one name seems to come up repeatedly: Stacey Abrams. Why? Well, as I am sure you remember, Abrams ran for the seat of governor in the Peach State in 2018 and lost. But unlike most gubernatorial losers, Abrams didn’t bow out gracefully, admitting defeat […]

LA County Official’s Plan for Reparations Could Steal Property From Tax Paying Citizens

Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn, along with several other local officials, have hatched a plan that they’re claiming to be part of a reparations push to make amends to Black families in America that includes returning land to them once owned by ancestors. According to Hahn’s announcement on Friday, this month she will give […]

Post Office Caught Spying on Customers and Their Social Media

The private lives that people have come to love are long past. The Democrats and their aggressive partners are stripping away freedoms and the right to a private life one at a time and in the name of security. Americans are told what they can post on social media through censorship, and their accounts are […]

St. Louis Attorney Who Defended His Family From BLM Rioters Contemplating Massive Revenge

Attorney Mark McCloskey and his wife made headlines (and memes) nationwide after they took the entirely normal stand of defending their home when rioters marched through their neighborhood at the height of the riots after the death of George Floyd. The St. Louis area attorney and his wife pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters and were […]

Oklahoma’s Shocking Move to Upend Progressive Agenda and Protect Kids Sets Stage for National Reform

Lawmakers in the state of Oklahoma have introduced a bill to ban the racist progressive curriculum known as Critical Race Theory, and materials like it, from their public schools and universities. According to a report in The Daily Wire, State Sens. David Bullard, Nathan Dahm, Shane Jett, and Warren Hamilton introduced the bill that would block […]

Forget About Shootings…Let’s Talk Stabbings

The Democrats want to strip the country of Second Amendment rights because of murders using guns. Not just assault-style rifles. All guns. Handguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers. If it’s a gun, Democrats label it as bad. They don’t understand that adding gun laws won’t change the statistics. People who want to commit murder will find a […]

Will Chuck Schumer Make 4/20 a National Holiday Moving Forward?

Federal law states that marijuana is illegal. It’s why dispensaries often work without the use of credit cards and bank transactions since those are operated by the U.S. Treasury. Although many states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, there are still states where it’s illegal. Yet, Chuck Schumer has forgotten all of that. As a […]

Less Than Half of America Are Church Goers?

What if I told you that less than half of all Americans belong to a church? Would you be surprised? Well, according to a recent Gallup poll, it’s true. Churchgoers now make up a mere 47 percent of our population. And no, I’m not just talking about Christians or Catholics, as are the more popular […]

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