Texas Pizza Boy Refuses to Give Up Cash, Gives Would-Be Robber Hot Lead Instead

Africa Studio / shutterstock.com
Africa Studio / shutterstock.com

Once considered one of the more dangerous professions out there, pizza delivery drivers have fallen off the danger radar in recent years. With the normalization of cashless transactions, they became a poor target and carried a high level of risk with little chance of reward. Still, many drivers in big cities carry pistols to protect their lives and your double pepperoni.

1 am on Yellowstone Boulevard, in Houston, TX, just off Highway 288 near Highway 90 Alt, is a dangerous time. According to police, an unnamed driver was delivering a pizza when he was approached by two men. The men demanded his money at gunpoint. The driver then produced a pistol of his own, opened fire, and killed one of the men. According to WTHR, the second was able to get away.

Houston PD is still investigating and has been unable to determine what made delivering a pizza turn so deadly. While they have yet to publicly identify the shooter, the deceased, or any suspects, Ameer White told WTHR his 21-year-old brother Areyeh White was the deceased.

Speaking with the network, Ameer claims to be confused about the man being a pizza delivery man, as he says no receipt from a transaction has been made available. More to the point, he is questioning why a pizza delivery driver was even armed. Claiming Areyeh had been visiting his girlfriend in another part of the complex when it happened, Ameer says that he and his brother had been living together, and he had waited up for him to come home.

Houston PD has yet to confirm the allegations about Areyeh or the other suspect being armed, so for now, the case is slated to go to the grand jury. For the White family, their questions are ones with pretty simple answers. Just because Areyeh didn’t purchase the pizza doesn’t mean someone else didn’t, and pizza drivers are carrying pistols because of criminals who still try to roll the dice. It’s that simple.