Tennessee Legislative Chambers Overran by Gun Control Protesters

Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.com
Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.com

Liberals in Tennessee are fed up with the lack of changes in gun control. Looking only at the tool behind these horrific crimes, this group of people is trying to set the bar for the most unstable protestors in US history. Setting their sights on the TN capitol building, the group stormed the chambers on March 30th.

Marching to the chants of “Gun control now,” “No justice, no peace,” and “Protect our kids,” the group took over the building as they held their signs and made their case for more laws for criminals to ignore. However, not a single protestor offered up what changes they want to see or any indication of where they expected TN elected officials to guide the Volunteer State.

While they initially stayed out of the legislative chambers, as the day wore on, they were able to successfully storm them. As they took over the chamber, at least one legislator was led through the crowd while surrounded by four state troopers as they attempted to get him through a crowded hallway safely.

Taking over local office administration buildings has become a cornerstone of leftist protestors across the US since the 1970s. While frowned upon in many parts of the country, globally they have been an effective tool for orchestrating real change. Problem is that the left has been using this kind of protest far too much. Not only has this form of protest lost its luster in terms of the American media, but unlike when conservatives used it during the Jan 6th protest at the Capitol Building in DC, this group did it with no goal in mind.

Calling the topic of gun control polarizing is putting it lightly.

While people have been at odds over the right to bear arms since the invention of firearms, it’s truly been during the last 30 years that mass shootings and school shootings have been a big concern for the American people. With the recent announcement of a study that calls guns the most common source of death for American youths, many parents are deeply concerned about the level of risk their children face when they aren’t safe at home.

Yet, these protestors aren’t looking at any of this objectively. Government officials and law enforcement in TN kept things as peaceful as possible when the protest descended on the capitol buildings. People weren’t showing up in riot gear or trying to antagonize the protestors. Instead, they were there to ensure things stayed safe, and yet the protestors took advantage of this kindness amongst shared grief and decided to storm the building.

The debate about gun control has reached a fever pitch as the left and their gun ban crazies are up in arms over the right to bear arms. Instead of even attempting to come to the discussion table with ideas they are storming into the room, flipping the table, and declaring “ban all guns now.” In their eyes, the only people who should have them are the military and law enforcement. Never mind that in some parts of the country law enforcement can be more than just minutes away.

Our Second Amendment is what protects the First Amendment, and what allowed these protestors to take their message to the state. Without it, they would have been stopped immediately and told to silence their voices. We have seen it in various corners of the globe, and so many of the left refuse to acknowledge how fortunate we are that our founding fathers thought forward and ensured that every American has the right to have a voice. That they have the right to speak up and question the way our country is being run.