OP-ED: Chris Matthews Equating Rural Americans to Terrorists Shows How Delusional the Left Really Is

Jacob Haskew / shutterstock.com
Jacob Haskew / shutterstock.com

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews appeared on “Morning Joe” on December 26th. In what can only be described as a weird and nonsensical ramble, he explained how little he thought of the rural Americans.

“This is rural rage. They are so angry at the liberal establishment, the coastal elite, they look at people on television … ‘They don’t have to worry about us,’” Matthews stated. “And the regular guy in the country goes, ‘there they are snarling and making fun of us again’ and every time we make fun of Trump, we’re making fun of them … It’s a weird thing, but in a way, it’s like fighting terrorism.”

He then made an equally mind-numbing equation between the situation in Israel and rural America. “We think we just put the army in, or Israel just puts the IDF in, and they’re going to solve the problem. It never solves the problem because you enrage people. And we did it with Afghanistan and we did it with Iraq. We enraged the enemy to the point where they’re more fiery than ever and they hate us more than ever. Armies don’t make peace.”

What’s comical about this stance is that his very leader, President Biden, has an FCC that pulled the plug on giving these rural customers broadband internet access. Done through a $900 million deal with Elon Musk’s Space X, they have yanked the deal and put nothing in for these rural and highly conservative Americans. The “uneducated,” as Matthews inferred, are yet again kept from information.

This kind of delusional inference being made by Matthews shows just how very little they think of modern Americans in rural areas. While they may not have the best internet access, at this point, those who want to largely have ways of staying plugged in. Some choose only to plug in with those right around them, others branch out across the globe. Still, for the 640,000 homes and small businesses across the 35 states the contract covered, this could have been life-changing.

Splitting us apart and making us fight is all the left has wanted to do for decades. In their minds, we are the perfect group to be cut off while they make the most for themselves. Then using the media, they want to make us feel more divided than ever. For them, the rural American is the punch line in their favorite joke at a dinner party. It’s the person they see for a Christmas tree or their horses, but they only see them to look “rustic” for an Instagram post or to get a service.

Delusional discussions and treatment of rural Americans are why this nation is in such trouble. A lack of understanding of where their food comes from or how it is raised is gone. As is the deep heartfelt gratefulness that someone is willing to put in the rough work so they don’t have to do it themselves. Reducing the rural American and the backbone of the conservative party to a terrorist is simply inhumane.

The hard-working Americans in places like rural West Virginia, the corn fields of Iowa, and the prairie lands of North Dakota keep this nation moving. They vote conservative because God, Family, and Country come first to them. Just as they do to the conservative party. Loving and respecting one another is what they do because it is what God commands of them.

When these liberals come and attack that, it enrages them. To then attack the one man we have seen in office in the last 40 years who couldn’t be bought, simply to keep him from taking America back to prosperity, it’s just downright insulting. It pisses on the dreams of Americans everywhere that if you work hard, you can succeed. Rural or urban.

Perhaps if they left their townhouses, Starbucks, and Priuses behind for a weekend and came out to the farm for some cowboy coffee and tossing hay bales, they could remember why it’s important we have our perspective. God knows our life isn’t like theirs.