NYC Mayor Has a Plan for Illegals That Comes Directly From the Liberal Playbook

Steve Sanchez Photos /
Steve Sanchez Photos /

Ever since President Biden won the election illegal immigrants have been flooding the border in record numbers. With millions having crossed since that fateful day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and US Border Patrol have had their hands full. While their mission has never been easy, the liberal “take ’em all” mindset has been costing those living along the border the greatest.

With detention centers overflowing along the border, the option to redistribute them to sanctuary cities has become incredibly popular. Making the virtue-signaling left see the realities of their decisions firsthand has been an eye-opening experience for many. Democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams has had just a taste of it, and he doesn’t like it. Since spring 2022 his city has taken 40,000 illegals by bus and plane.

In response, Adams visited the border in El Paso, TX to see the realities for himself. Unlike Biden, he got a slightly less polished view of the situation. This has led him to not only tell the border states that NYC is full, and instead proposed they “fairly distribute” them across the US. He did this with an in-depth plan.

“Today I am calling for a national response to the asylum seeker crisis, which includes six main points.”

1. A government official solely focused on overseeing the migrant response and coordinating all relevant agencies and government entities, including the U.S. Border Patrol.
2. A decompression strategy at the border that evaluates asylum claims, establishes a plan for each migrant’s arrival — before entry into the United States — and a system to fairly distribute newcomers regionally.
3. Additional congressionally allocated funding through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to implement that strategy at the border and in the localities where the migrants end up.
4. Expedited right-to-work status for asylum seekers who are allowed to enter the country;
5. A clear, congressionally passed pathway to residency or citizenship for those who enter this country legally.
6. Leadership that takes an all-hands-on-deck approach by bringing together nonprofits, the faith-based community, and the private sector, alongside state and local government, to meet this challenge.

In his mindset, these steps will save the American populace from being completely overloaded with illegals. With NYC declaring they have “no more room” as homeless shelters are now overcrowded with illegals, this different way of dealing with the massive illegal immigration influx is more of a solution than Biden has suggested so far.

Instead of telling them no, and increasing the flights to send them back to their home countries, he is instead making it easier for them to get here. With 360,000 people being eligible for humanitarian parole at the border, he is just pushing the “catch and release” policy even harder than ever before. At his behest, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created an app for foreign nationals in Mexico to get an appointment for release into the US interior after crossing the southern border.

The little-known DHS program mass-releases hundreds of thousands of illegals into the middle of the country every month. With an estimated 1.6 million already being resettled by the program since it came to fruition in February 2021, it has been incredibly successful at dropping the pressure along the border, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

As estimates show, 2.6 million illegals will get the catch-and-release treatment, and there are a lot more people to go through. That figure also doesn’t include the millions coming over who get away or who are never detected. If that estimate were to be factored in, we could be talking about 4 to 7 million.

Of all the times in history to fix the border, now is it. With hundreds of thousands of illegals waiting to cross the border, the cartels looking to smuggle over drugs with these “asylum seekers”, and Title 42 acting as the only thing keeping many there, the flood will be great. The process to get them settled or sent home will not be.