NBA Star Launches Anti-Woke and Christian Alternative to Nike


Are you tired of shelling out money for sporting apparel and gear to companies like Nike, Adidas, The North Face, etc. – companies that embraced the divisive tactics and agendas of the political left?

Well, so is Orlando Magic star and NBA forward Jonathan Isaac.

And so he’s creating his own line of athletic wear to give those like you and me a way to put our money where our mouth is – towards a company that has the same values as us.

It’s called UNITUS, and unlike pretty much every other apparel brand in the sporting industry, its message is not to cave into the left just because you want to succeed.

As the company website says, “For too long, the sports and lifestyle apparel game has been dominated by companies with divisive agendas. Greatness has been defined only by how you perform – apart from who you are and how you live. And cancel culture has the millions of people who traditional values wondering, “What if I’m the only one?'”

Thankfully, UNITUS seeks to change that.

“UNITUS gives you a way to confidently wear what you believe, without compromising style or performance.”

It goes on to explain that by buying UNITUS, rather than Nike, you are supporting a “community of people rallied around faith, family, freedom, and the pursuit of true greatness. Together, we rise above by working every day to be the best we can be, joyfully serving others with integrity, and standing for what’s right.”

Now, that’s a company I can get behind.

As Isaac says, it’s time to stop supporting brands that consistently belittle Christianity, patriotism, and family. Instead, let’s support the values we live by.

So far, his brand of shorts, pants, tees, hats, etc., is fairly limited. But if we choose to stand up for our values as he has, it won’t be long before he’s pushing those like divisive Nike out the door.

Let’s help him.