MSM: Only Stupid People Believe Their Lying Eyes When Watching Biden Videos

Andrew Leyden /
Andrew Leyden /

According to the mainstream media, you are a stupid idiot and a mouth-breathing hick if you believe that the unedited videos of Joe Biden’s recent public meltdowns are real. Sure, there are a lot of videos just from the past week in which it appears that Joe Biden poops his pants, spouts gibberish in public, and has to be led around like a dog by his handlers. But it only looks that way, says the MSM, because you’re a moron who easily falls for cheap internet hoaxes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve once again reached that part of campaign season where the “impartial” media circles the wagons and tries to save the Democrats’ candidate.

There have been so many instances of Joe Biden’s glitching in public recently that the DNC and their media lapdogs have been running feverish “fact checks” to reassure Democrat voters that Joe is fine. He’s fine! He’s fit as a fiddle! He was just doing stunts on a skateboard a minute ago and you missed it, you misinformation-spreading LIARS!

Biden’s obvious dementia decline has gotten so bad in June that the White House has been forced to invent a new term out of thin air: cheap fakes. Whereas a deepfake involves fake video and audio created by an artificial intelligence (AI) program, a “cheap fake” can be anything from a shoddy Photoshop job to a deceptive camera angle that is exploited for political advantage.

White House press flack Karine Jean-Pierre was Bigly Mad about all the cheap fake questions that reporters in the press pool started asking her. She made sure to point out that all of these cheap fake videos had been selectively edited to make it look like Joe Biden is a walking mental vegetable. In lockstep, the media pretended that this was a legitimate argument and that people had been using the term “cheap fakes” all along.

So, you are a total idiot if you think that the video of Joe Biden wandering off at the G7 summit to look at a tree was real. You stupid idiot! Joe Biden was actually honoring a paratrooper who was just off-camera that you couldn’t see, according to the Associated Press. That’s the real reason why Italian PM Giorgia Meloni had to grab Joe Biden like a dog and lead him back over for a group photo.

The Associated Press also says that Joe Biden absolutely did NOT poop his pants at the Normandy D-Day ceremony. Their fact check says so! Instead, Joe Biden just got confused over whether he was supposed to sit down in the chair yet. It’s just a coincidence that Jill Biden then grabbed him by the hand and led him away from the ceremony like a dog.

Pro-tip for media fact-checkers: When you have to run a fact-check claiming that Joe Biden didn’t do a Hershey squirt in his pants, you’ve sort of already lost the argument.

When Joe Biden froze up at a Hollywood fundraiser over the weekend, a gay Kenyan crack addict (Barack Obama) had to grab him like a dog and lead him off stage. At least that’s how the cheap fake election manipulators framed it. NBC News assures us, however, that this was just Joe Biden’s affectionate friend Barry leading him off stage.

Here is Joe Biden’s spokes-lesbian explaining to all of us stupid rubes what a cheap fake is: