Looney Left Wants 1,000% Excise Tax on Your Second Amendment

Photon photo / shutterstock.com
Photon photo / shutterstock.com

Despite the lamestream media reporting a rather quiet August 4th, the Democrats in the House of Representatives tried pushing through a 1,000% excise tax on two distinct parts of our Second Amendment. In particular, they want this tax levied on what they continue to call “assault weapons,” including the mystic AR-15 platform. Additionally, “high capacity” magazines would also be privy to this tax.

Presented by Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), with 24 other left-wing Reps, presented the measure, and they tried the same stunt last year. This came just a day after they and other Democrats sent House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) a letter about gun control. Per The Hill, the letter specifically stated, “We are disappointed that Republican leadership canceled votes in July with so many pressing issues facing our country. Foremost amongst those is the gun violence crisis that is the leading cause of death for children in America.”

If passed, this would raise a $500 firearm to $5,000. While that alone is unreasonable, for those who do competitive shooting, this would take a $2,000 rifle and instantly make it $20,000, a move that would kill these competitions and the hopes of their athletes. For many high school students in rural America, these competitions are some of, if not their only, chances at college scholarships.

Granted, this should never even see a vote. This kind of tax is fraudulent and abusive. Our Second Amendment would never stand for it, nor would the Sixteenth. It’s not what they were written for, and it is targeting a group of people who are not the problem. Yet again, this is another example of the left reaching out to blame the group that is not responsible for the problem being presented.

Liberals love blaming the law-abiding citizen for the criminal actions of those looking to break the law. In conjunction with their efforts to manipulate laws and rules for their needs, they have been sacrificing the rights or the accessibility to our rights. Their decision that they want to sacrifice the “assault weapons” so they can claim they did something about violence is shameful at best.

If they wanted to do something, they would be advocating for the mental health of these people. From the transexuals to the abuse suffered in these single-parent broken homes, it’s no wonder the liberals are behind a majority of the mass shootings in recent years. It’s not the conservative who enjoys a good steak and scotch while watching boxing who is behind these shootings.

Rather, now it’s the soy boys. The transgendered, homosexual, confused liberals are behind the trigger. Those who are choosing the AR platform aren’t even choosing it because of convenience, like a crime of passion, or because it’s the best, like a real terrorist. Just like many of their leaders, they are simply playing dress up and grabbing what their leftist literature is calling the best.

As conservative Americans, we must have these difficult conversations with our friends and neighbors. They need to understand that these kinds of taxes can help strip away our rights and, in turn, put the nation and our fellow citizens at risk of being overrun by the government as they erode our capability to defend and protect ourselves.

Under the advice of the liberals, we have seen our rights to free speech and our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness chipped away at on a daily basis. Using the guise of accepting people, they have taken away our right to be upset or to want better. There is a limit that the American people can be pushed to, and we have already reached it. A tax like this is simply over the line.