Liz Cheney Hints at Her Next Big Move

Jerome460 /
Jerome460 /

By now, you all know that former Wyoming Republican and US Representative is no more. Or at least she isn’t in office any longer. But that’s not exactly cause for celebration just yet.

Sure, we can be excited that she isn’t presiding over House committees, intent on sullying the name of former President Donald Trump or anyone who might have had a hand to play in the January 6 Capitol “insurrection.”

And yes, Wyoming is likely ecstatic that she won’t be there to ignore their will and needs anymore. With any luck, their voice will now actually be heard.

However, a recent video put out by the former congresswoman makes us think something bigger and even more formidable is up her sleeve.

If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare to be horrified. Not only by what the untrue story the video tells but also by what it implies about forever RINO Cheney.

True to Cheney’s form, it’s chocked full of dark and sinister images of Donald Trump, as well as clip after clip of the supposed incursion. Of course, these images and video clips are arranged and edited in a way that makes it seem as though tens of thousands of an evil and dangerous mob are descending on Washington, DC.

And throughout it, all is serious music and voice-over by none other than Cheney herself telling of all the horrors of Trump.

To be sure, it’s rather frightening.

But what’s even more terrifying is the reason why Cheney, a woman who is not a Democrat and no longer has any real connection to Washington, is putting out a video such as this.

I mean, what could she have up her sleeve? Is she preparing to run again? And what if she’s planning to run for the White House?

Then again, if Wyoming won’t even have her, it’s not like anyone else will…