Leonardo DiCaprio Secretly Funding Lawsuits Against Oil Companies

Denis Makarenko / shutterstock.com
Denis Makarenko / shutterstock.com

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) have launched a joint probe into potential dark money being funneled to a California-based law firm to perpetuate frivolous global warming lawsuits against oil companies. The lawmakers believe that this effort is being financed by Hollywood weirdo and climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio, among others.

The law firm being used for these endless cases against oil companies is Sher Edling. Cruz and Comer announced Monday that they’ve sent a letter to Sher Edling, basically accusing the firm of trying to “kill fossil fuels.”

The lawmakers wrote to Sher Edling, “It appears that Sher Edling is not really working on these lawsuits on a contingency basis, but rather the lawsuits are being funded, tax-free, by wealthy liberals via dark money pass-through funds.”

Over the past several years, Sher Edling has filed multiple lawsuits against energy companies, supposedly on behalf of state and local governments on a contingency basis. They’re just doing it out of the kindness of their hearts because they’re so concerned about global warming, right?

Cruz and Comer say the law firm is actually taking dark money from the Resources Legacy Fund and New Venture Fund. That’s the fund that manages the wealth of DiCaprio and other elitist global warming believers. They allege that the funds are secretly funneling cash to Sher Edling on behalf of DiCaprio and others—and since lefty causes are always complaining about dark money, the whole thing is disingenuous.

The fact is that Sher Edling likely wouldn’t be able to sustain all of its lawsuits against oil companies if there was nothing in it for them. Dark money is fueling the radical leftist agenda to destroy the oil and gas industry. It’s not kindness or concern for the environment.