Leftists Worry That Young Americans Don’t Believe in Climate Alarmism

photoschmidt / shutterstock.com
photoschmidt / shutterstock.com

In a positive sign for American society, growing numbers of young people are no longer falling for the global warming hoax. That’s according to a study by the communist organization “Center for Countering Digital Hate” (CCDH), which was recently sued by Elon Musk for organizing a scare campaign to drive advertisers away from Twitter/X.

The fact that young people are wising up to the global warming okey-doke, which has been wrong about every weather prediction that its high priests have made since the 1970s, must be worrisome for global warming advocates. How are they going to convince everyone to take “urgent action” to save us all from the weather if too many people realize that they are full of s**t?

The CCDH analyzed the amount of YouTube content created between 2018 and 2023. They found a significant increase in content surrounding three particular viewpoints:

  • Global warming solutions won’t work;
  • The global warming movement is a bunch of psychopathic liars who are unreliable in their fake predictions about the weather; and
  • Even if global warming was real (which it’s not), its effects would be beneficial or harmless.

Teenagers are the predominant users of YouTube, and researchers found that one-third of teens now believe that global warming policies “cause more harm than good,” and they believe that global warming is a communist hoax being used to control and oppress people. Which it totally is.

All of the communist solutions to problems with the weather involve giving communists more money and power over your life so that you won’t die if it gets one degree hotter outside. The climate cultists don’t seem to realize that right now (in January), most adults would eagerly pay good money to raise the temperature by one degree or more. Still, it’s encouraging that after 50 years of shamelessly lying about how the weather will kill us all in just a few months, people are finally waking up to the global warming scam.