Kari Lake Makes Major Announcement After Judge Rules Against Her

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Liberals throughout the state of Arizona and nationwide likely thought they got an early Christmas present on Saturday when Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson seemingly ended Kari Lake’s case to prove election fraud in the state’s recent midterms.

However, there is reason to believe that the Lake case isn’t done and that Lake could still prevail.

As you likely know, Lake’s case against the state’s 2022 midterm election results was a rather uphill one from the get-go. Just as with the presidential election of 2020, numerous cases of fraud and some rather large and intrusive inconsistencies seemed to have taken place on Election Day. And according to Lake and a good many other voters, the results of those elections had to have been influenced.

For the more recent one, the problems seem to revolve around reports that numerous polling sites had issues with ballot printers and voting tabulators. For example, some ballot printers didn’t print with dark enough ink, making it difficult, if not impossible, for voting tabulators to read them and record the right votes.

At other sites, voting tabulators seemed to simply stop working.

In either case, the result was lines at polling sites that only got longer as the day continued, even at locations where the machines were all supposedly working fine. Thanks to good-intentioned election workers notifying incoming voters of machine issues, many people traveled to better working places, naturally making lines there longer.

By the end of the day, polling locations all across the county reported having lines still containing hundreds of individuals when the polls closed. Unfortunately, this means that those hundreds never got to cast their vote or make their voices heard.

And as Lake and a great many others have stated, it means that those voters were “disenfranchised,” and their right to vote was violated.

Of course, Lake also claims that, had Election Day gone on without a hitch, she would have been named winner of the state’s gubernatorial contest.

But that’s not the real reason she’s fighting the results of the 2022 midterms. And that means she can’t just give up when the judge says she doesn’t have enough evidence, which is what Thompson told Lake on Saturday, according to The Hill.

Thompson had already dismissed eight of the ten claims Lake had brought before the court, saying they couldn’t be contested in an election case. Now, her last two claims, that voting machines caused massive issues and resulted in false election outcomes have been thrown out too.

But as I mentioned, Lake is not giving up. She made that known shortly after Thompson made his ruling on Saturday with a quick post to Twitter.

“For the sake of restoring faith and honesty in our elections, I will appeal this ruling.”

Now, to be clear, it will be another uphill battle for Lake. According to Lake’s war room Twitter account, it seems the state actually “allows for elections to be stolen.” But that doesn’t mean she has any intention of losing.

Furthermore, her persistence seems to be drawing a significant amount of support. Those like Texas state representative Jonathan Stickland noted on Twitter that what the political left has done in trying to squash Lake and her elections case has only made her that much more adamant about winning, creating a “powerhouse who will lead a movement” that could bring about the “demise” of the establishment.

And should Lake’s appeal of Thompson’s ruling make any headway at all, that certainly could happen. After all, it’s been the establishment that has kept elections like the one in Maricopa County possible, allowing their kind alone to win.

If Lake prevails, she could not only reverse elections that have resulted in undeserving and even corrupt winners and state leaders, but she could bring about some rather serious and upending changes in the election system/process in the Grand Canyon State.

After all, it’s not about who wins and who loses, really. What actually matters is that the people’s voices are being heard. It’s about ensuring that elections are fair, secure, and transparent and that when someone votes for an individual legally, that vote counts and matters. And, of course, in the process, it’s about restoring faith and trust in our election system.

I mean, when even 60 percent of Democrats say an election was done wrong, you know there’s a major problem.