Hollywood is for the Blue…and Nashville is for the Red?

f11photo / Shutterstock.com
f11photo / Shutterstock.com

If you look at recent political issues, it seems that Hollywood is always the loudest when it comes to protecting the view of the liberals.

Hollywood is most certainly blue.

However, what city represents the red?
Many say that there is no city that is quite as red as Hollywood is blue. There are states that help to represent the red interests, but no one city.

Or is there?

The New York Times has hinted that Nashville may be the city that is most representative of the conservative ideal.
Considering that country music is all about God and America and Nashville is the home of country music, it would make sense.

Most of the political leanings in the city are conservative. You’ll see plenty of people walking around who are proud to be American. They sport the American flag in the clothes they wear, and you may even see a “Let’s Go, Brandon” bumper sticker on some of the cars.

There’s another reason why Nashville could end up being the “Hollywood for Conservatives,” according to the New York Times.
It is where the headquarters of Daily Wire is – the company that was founded by not only writer and filmmaker Jeremy Boreing but also conservative news host Ben Shapiro.

They make sure that the city offers plenty of conservative entertainment with their production house and streaming platform.

Unfortunately, Nashville is still going through a political awakening – and many within the city are still known to vote blue. Meanwhile, some of what Shapiro is known for can be seen as a bit too harsh. He unapologetically attacks same-sex marriages and the entire transgender community.

As New York Times reports, “Mr. Shapiro’s mordant, rapid-fire, pop-culture-inflected campaign against liberals and progressives has won his company another audience, too.”

He will manage to get many of the young people on his side, but will it be enough to win over an entire city? Only time will tell.