Gross: Illegal Aliens Aren’t the Only Thing Mexico is Dumping in America

F Armstrong Photography /
F Armstrong Photography /

Joe Biden’s 20 million illegal aliens aren’t the only unwanted thing creeping into America right now. The city of Tijuana has started dumping its untreated sewage into the Tijuana River once again, which flows directly into the United States. As a result, every Southern California beach between San Diego and Oceanside—about a 40-mile stretch of the Pacific Ocean—is too contaminated for humans to go in the water right now.

Tijuana is notorious for this problem, but it’s not very politically correct to talk about it. The left-leaning leaders of San Diego and its nearby suburbs don’t want to point their fingers directly at Tijuana, but everyone knows exactly where the poop contaminating their beaches is coming from.

The city of Tijuana has a population of about 2 million people, but it’s a very poor city. They’re faced with a choice when it comes to their sewage. They can either try to meet the environmental standards of the United States by treating their sewage, which is very expensive. As an alternative, they can just dump all the poop in the Tijuana River.

This carries the problem north into the US, and then the northbound current in the Pacific Ocean scatters it from Imperial Beach all the way north to Oceanside. Imperial Beach, at this moment, is the most heavily polluted beach in the United States.

It’s funny how this problem went away for a few years when Donald Trump was in office. Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, Mexico realizes that they won’t face sanctions for polluting America’s beaches once again while saving themselves lots of money. It’s like a metaphor for Joe Biden’s entire time in office. He lets foreign countries **** all over us.