Former Capitol Cop and Dem Darling Announces Congressional Run

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The Bold Bureau /

As I am sure you know by now, the Democrats are only all too willing to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. So it shouldn’t surprise us that a verified liar and self-proclaimed “hero” capitol cop is running for Congress.

Enter Harry Dunn.

You may remember the name from the ridiculous January 6 court hearings. During such, he testified to the House Select Committee about his involvement on that fateful day, a day he describes, as most liberals do, as a “threat to democracy.”

You may also remember him literally crying on the stand.

Of course, his unbelievable performance was awarded greatly. Since then, he’s received the Presidential Citizens Medal and a Congressional Gold Medal.

Apparently, those awards have only encouraged him to keep the lies going and to ensure that they once again take a seat of prominence in the US Congress.

As Dunn announced on Friday, he’s officially throwing in hat to take the place of retiring Maryland Dem Representative John Sarbanes. Sadly, it won’t be hard for him to get the seat. Currently, a monkey proclaiming to be a liberal could win the 3rd district.

As for Dunn, he, of course, promises this is just the next step for him to continue his work of “defending and protecting democracy.” As he’s now retired from the Capitol police force, he’s looking to get a little more fame and fortune.

Naturally, he’s also promising “to stop Trump’s MAGA extremists & ensure it (January 6) never happens again.”

According to him, we are only “one election cycle” from just that. And so, he’s running to make sure that is avoided.

Of course, Dunn also believes a number of other liberally biased lies, such as that former fellow Capitol cop Brian Sicknick died because of January 6 instead of a stroke. Or that rioting in Kenosha was an “appropriate” response.

In any case, I think it’s safe to say Dunn is the last type of man we need in Congress right now or ever.