Obama Adviser Gives Dems a Somber Warning

As you well know, Biden’s first 100 days in office are officially up. And with that, there are plenty of people who want to comment on how he’s done so far. Naturally, there are plenty of progressives who favor what he’s done, from climate change-friendly policies to opening our borders for all. And just as […]

Montana Signs Not One or Two, Three Pro-Life Bills into Law

Since 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of making abortions legal in the United States, Republican lawmakers and states have been trying to reverse that decision, or at the very least to provide the unborn with all the protection possible. And this week, the northwestern state of Montana added not one but three […]

Rioter Fined $12 Million for Setting Fire to Minneapolis Police Station

We’ve all heard the stories, seen the pictures, and watched the video of the hate and destruction spread about over the last, most of which was claimed to be in “peaceful protest” of the death of George Floyd in late May of last year by a white police officer. According to mainstream and leftist-based media […]

Conservative Media Icon Accused of Intentional Lies – Proof Seems Unassailable

The New York Post woke up to egg on their face this week after one of their reporters outed the publication, saying they forced her to write a story that was untrue. “Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the border to address a crisis she was tasked to help fix — but a children’s […]

Obama’s Former Ed. Advisor Just Charged with Stealing Funds from a Network of Schools He Set Up; His CBS News Anchor Wife Said She Didn’t Know-Sure…

A former Obama staff member and his liberal news anchor wife are living high on the hog in their lavish Manhattan residence valued at $2 million. But they’re about to go through some hard times since the husband got caught playing handsies in a cookie jar not intended for him. So the happy couple is […]

Gabbard Sounds Like a Beauty Queen Instead of a Congresswoman

World peace. Hunger. These are the things that beauty queens promise. They stand up at their podiums with their manicured fingers holding the microphone and speak of things that they know nothing about. They say that their “one wish” for this world would be to tackle such incredibly heavy topics as world peace and hunger […]

Another Governor Sticks it to Biden’s Proposed Gun Control Measures

It’s no secret that under newly appointed President Joe Biden, the Constitutional rights of every American have been increasingly infringed upon – and none more so than that of our Second Amendment, which gives us the right to keep and bear arms. According to Biden and his administration, guns are a significant problem in the […]

Two Florida Cops Wrote Dozens of Bogus Tickets to Drivers They Never Pulled Over…They Were Too Lazy to Drop Their Donuts…Yeah…Really

Imagine receiving a call from an eager attorney wanting to know if you need help squirming out of your latest traffic violation. The one you can’t recall receiving. In fact, you can’t remember the last time you were even pulled over. If you’ve ever had the ‘pray to Jesus” experience of driving around Hialeah, Florida, […]

Progressive Icon Caught Red-Handed Lying to About Her Extensive Travel During Pandemic Restriction

Conservatives have struggled with the wildly inconsistent and often unconstitutional restrictions placed on Americans after the outbreak of COVID-19 early in 2020, and few states were more restricted than Michigan. In addition to the restrictions on where citizens could go without their faces covered, there were even reports of stores being asked not to sell […]

The Forgotten Rights of Americans

The United States was founded on certain principles. We’ve heard them countless times. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It was a dream of the founders of this country that would live on more than 200 years after they first fought the British over the principles they felt were nonnegotiable. The British control of […]

China Figures Out How to Produce Must-See Propaganda TV

Gone are the long propaganda documentaries featuring 3-hour speeches from Dear Leader Mao. Now the media is proclaiming the Communist Chinese Party is making “must-see TV.” CNN really is the Communist News Network. “Mining Town” is a new23-episode propaganda series from Red China, which was produced as part of the 100th anniversary of China’s Communist […]

Judge in Chauvin Trial Blasts Maxine Waters for Inciting Protesters – Says Comments Could Have Helped Get Floyd’s Killer Off

Rep. Maxine Waters was in for a rude awakening after the judge in the case of George Floyd’s death called her out, personally, saying that her comments could have influenced the case enough to let the officer-involved get off, according to The Independent Journal Review. Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill spoke out about the California […]

Why Detroit’s Police Chief Demands Rashida Tlaib’s Resignation

As the infamous Chauvin trial comes to an end and possibly sets a precedent for how all other seemingly race-related police shootings will be judged, the political left is clearly using the situation to do what they do best: promote their agenda no matter what the cost. And one of the loudest and most annoying […]

Christianity Has Had Enough of Liberals Telling Them What to Believe

Christians and churches all over the country have been on the list of attacks ever since Joe Biden illegitimately took over the White House. He removed all of the protections that Donald Trump put in place that made it possible for religion to remain free in the United States. Even the Constitution has come under […]

House Judiciary Committee Wants to Address ‘Deep Seeded Racism’ by Literally Taking Your Money – Details Inside

Reparations have a new ally in the House Judiciary Committee as was evidenced by their intention to vote on a bill that would create a commission to study the possibility of reparations for slavery in the United States. The Committee, who announced their decision to delve into the issue and vote on Wednesday, is typically […]

CNN: Calling out Cuomo for Intentionally Murdering Over 15,000 Nursing Home Residents Is Just Politics

Don Lemon’s recent appearance on a New York Times podcast was full of all sorts of interesting revelations. Of course, we understand that everyone’s definition of interesting may vary….but trust us on this one! Kara Swisher is the host of this podcast and she had a very important question for him. Swisher wanted to know […]

Biden’s Mob Turn Against Their Own! CNN Attacked by Angry Biden Thugs (Video)

CNN has spent the last year or so playing cheerleader to Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movements, as we all know. You would think that all of this kissing up would have led them in the right direction but it hasn’t seemed to pan out for them yet. The decision has not paid off […]

Israel Has Given up on Biden! After Biden Caved to Iran’s Terror Regime Israel Took Matters Into Their Own Hands

The attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment site has already been discussed and there are a number of claims being tossed around at the moment. The Iranians are placing the blame on the Mossad and the United States is claiming that they did not play any role in the attack. The Jerusalem Post is offering […]

Biden’s Army of Thugs Attack MSNBC Reporter on Live TV Because They Were Recording Looting

The Dollar Store in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota was the site of massive looting yesterday, as readers are probably well aware by now. To make matters even worse, a reporter from MSNBC was attacked for being on the scene. They were assaulted by this mob of unruly protesters for the mere crime of filming their destruction. […]

Biden’s Border Czar Steps Down Amid Ongoing Child Abuses in Biden’s Child Sex Trafficking Scam

National Security Council Coordinator for U.S. Southern Border Roberta Jacobson is better known as the czar of the border for the Biden administration. It has surprised some people to learn that he is going to be stepping down at the end of this month. The administration is fielding questions about the suspicious timing and there […]

Joe Biden Takes Aim and Fires at Gun Control

There’s a right and a wrong way to run the country. President Joe Biden is proving that he only understands the wrong way. Congress is supposed to be used when passing laws. Yet, Biden only seems interested in using executive orders. First, he used it to focus on immigration. Now, he is using it on […]

Hunter Biden Sobered Long Enough to Author a Book Liberals are Falling in Love With

Hunter Biden has been a drug addict for decades. Cocaine, heroin, he’s done it all. Yet, he sobered up long enough to write a book. Although the liberals have fallen in love with the book, it’s not the story any of us really wanted. Perhaps if he wrote a love story about the son of […]

Toddler Gets Booted From Plane While Steward Gets Booted for Doing the Booting

Mask mandates have driven a wedge of hatred between people of all ages. There is no person who can walk in a liberal-run state without being verbally attacked or physically assaulted for not wearing a mask. And when the police finally do show up, the mask-violator is taken to jail as if they had just […]

Supreme Court Judge Weighs in on Social Media’s Ability to Silence Americans

Freedom of speech has always been a Constitutional right of Americans. We are allowed to say what we want to say without being silenced. What happens when social media platforms silence us, though? Clarence Thomas, one of the more conservative Supreme Court Justices, decided that it is time to offer clarification. Thomas has identified that […]

Media Releases Attack Against Ron DeSantis and Finds out He’s Tougher Than They Thought

Ron DeSantis has become the media’s worst enemy. For three long months, the mass media has been looking for someone to take Donald Trump’s place as the focus of their hatred. They have identified him as the biggest threat to the mission of the Democratic Party. His leadership contradicts and disproves what the liberals are […]

Trump’s COVID Comments on Sunlight Found to be True

If the political left is to be believed, every little thing that former President Donald Trump says is a complete bald-faced lie. Thusly, everything he says or does can be made into controversy and is to be highly debated. Case and point are the comments he made last year about the prospect that sunlight and […]

Biden Has a ‘Major’ Problem with White House Visitors

All it takes is one vicious attack and a dog is put down. However, Joe Biden has always made sure that family is above the law. This goes for his drug-addict of a son as well as his dogs. Major, one of the First Dogs in the White House, has a bit of a biting […]

Biden Faces Massive Miss with Iranian Deal

President Joe Biden is supposed to be able to negotiate with foreign governments. He did serve as VP for eight years. He should know a thing or two about international relations. Specifically, he should know how to deal with Iran. Yet, he’s struggling. It seems to be a recurring theme: watching Biden struggle with presidential […]

It’s Official: Trump Announces Incredible News About His Next Venture

Former President Donald Trump is once again presenting hope for “deplorables” with his announcement that while he has not yet launched his social media platform, he will be allowing supporters to reach him through his website: 45Office.com. The site is thought to likely be a precursor to the long-awaited social media platform, however as of right […]

Murder, Crime Exploding Nationwide Because of Democrats’ #DefundthePolice

Violence is exploding nationwide because of the Democrats’ radical and senseless Defund the Police agenda. You will get a lot of spin from the Left with their elaborate upside-down lies, but here are the plain irrefutable facts. New York City, America’s largest city with a population of over 8 million, became the first big city […]

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