Ex-FL Teacher and Pedophile Saves Taxpayers Some Money

TaraPatta / shutterstock.com
TaraPatta / shutterstock.com

Charles Maglio, 54, was a math teacher at Wellington Community High School in Florida. Living in nearby Coral Springs, he wasn’t a standout person and blended into his community easily. That all changed with his arrest in September for his sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. Busted after sending flowers to her at the restaurant where she worked, when the manager found out, he slipped the tip to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Then the teenage victim got word of this, and according to an arrest avadavat, she messaged him and made him dump his messages as she did hers. When she met with investigators, she said, “I don’t want him to get in trouble. I’m in love with him.” According to the affidavit, she had begun visiting his classroom when school was over because she needed a fatherly figure in her life and thought he could fill that void.

According to the Palm Beach Post, “During a monitored telephone call between Maglio and the teen, Maglio professed his love and said he could not wait for the teen to turn 18, according to his arrest report. However, he deviated from conversations about specific sexual encounters with the teen, the report said.” Self-surrendering to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in September, he was facing two felony sexual misconduct charges.

When he was arrested, his lawyer, Cory Strolla, claimed they were going to explain that he wasn’t a pederast to her but rather more of a mentor.

Now, thanks to a single well-placed round at his own hand, Maglio is saving the taxpayers and the jails a lot of time and money. He is preventing this girl, her family, and her friends from having to go through the horror that a court case like this can bring out. With someone passing by the woods behind his house, the perv did little to hide himself in death. Instead, he put it out where anyone could see him. Good riddance, and thanks for spending the 57 cents so the state isn’t spending $57,000 a year keeping you in jail.