Everybody Hates Joe: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Files to Challenge Biden for Democrat Nomination

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced that he’s running for the Democrat Party nomination in 2024. He’s the first person to step forward and challenge the geriatric and weird Joe Biden for the nomination. Even though he stands no chance of winning, Kennedy’s challenge is great news for America and even for conservatives backing Donald Trump. Here’s why.

Donald Trump is going to walk away with the Republican nomination, now that the Deep State has made a martyr of him by arresting him on false charges. Everyone else on the Republican side should drop out now and save themselves from the embarrassment and career suicide.

But on the Democrat Party side, the nomination isn’t as clear. Joe Biden wants the job, and he’s the incumbent leader of his party. Most Democrat insiders know, however, that Joe is completely shot because of dementia, and Kamala Harris is even more hated than he is. They really would rather have someone else besides Biden or Harris for the nominee in 2024, but they don’t want that person to be RFK Jr.

With Kennedy jumping in the race, there’s a good chance that this will embolden other Democrats like California Governor Gavin Hair-Gel or Crooked Hillary. The more the merrier!

How does this help Republicans? Because if Joe Biden is going to be the nominee, they don’t want anyone challenging him. The reason for this is that they don’t want Joe Biden going through a grueling primary debate schedule. If Joe doesn’t have any primary challengers, they can just hide him in the basement as they did in 2020 after he secured the nomination.

Joe Biden is a mental toddler after years of dementia. The only way he can string a few sentences together these days is if they inject him full of amphetamines and/or barbiturates before public appearances. Look at his dead, black, soulless eyes every time he speaks in public. His pupils are blown out because he’s on hard narcotics because that’s the only way they can keep carrying on this charade.

If Joe Biden has to stand on his feet for the debates and ends up being the nominee again, everyone will see what a vegetable he is. That only helps the GOP nominee in the end.

Kennedy is also a good candidate because he will be the only one in the 2024 race who is willing to state the truth out loud about the COVID vaccines. The shots are not safe and effective. The shots are unsafe and ineffective. RFK Jr. has been one of the most vocal advocates in favor of pulling the experimental mRNA shots off the market because of the catastrophic harm they’re doing.

10-year-olds are having strokes or heart attacks during soccer practice, ever since the shots were authorized for their age group and their parents got them vaxed. Everyone knows this is the truth about vaccines, but no other candidate is going to talk about this. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will talk about it, and that’s great for America. This is an important conversation for us to have, and he’ll bring it up during every public appearance during the primary.

Kennedy has no chance of winning the nomination. The DNC will simply rig the primaries against him as they did to Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton in 2016, and like they did to Bernie again in 2020 on behalf of Biden. But having him in the race is going to hopefully force the drugged-up Joe Biden out of the basement, and it’s going to bring the vaccine conversation to the forefront of the race. Those are good things.