Let’s Not Forget About the Time Ilhan Omar Almost Got Kicked Out of Congress

Paris Malone / shutterstock.com
Paris Malone / shutterstock.com

Representative Ilhan Omar has been on thin ice for a while now. The Democrat from Minnesota is currently trying to be re-elected…and that’s amid many calling that she stops with her antisemitic posts.

It wasn’t that long ago that Republicans tried to kick her out of Congress.

Back in February, Republicans were able to remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Many said it didn’t go far enough. Given the mountain of evidence that investigative journalists have uncovered of Omar’s alleged criminal misconduct, many think she should be kicked out of Congress entirely. The group Judicial Watch filed an official ethics complaint with the new Republican majority, calling for Omar’s total ouster from Congress.

Rep. Omar was, of course, a refugee from Somalia who was brought to America as a child after her family was forced to flee their homes. Their neighbors wanted to kill the Omars because her father worked for the brutally repressive regime of General Mohamed Siad Barre, who was driven from office in a coup in 1991. It would be a sad story if not for the fact that Ilhan Omar’s relatives were the villains in it.

When she first won her seat in Congress in 2018, her net worth was estimated at $45,000. She’s somehow managed to accumulate a net worth of $83 million just four years later. She owns a 5,000-square-foot luxury condo in Minnesota that she reportedly bought for $9 million. She drives an $80,000 BMW X5. Maybe she’s getting stock tips from Nancy and Paul Pelosi?

But it’s not her astonishing personal wealth that she somehow built up in four years with a salary of $174,000 that Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint over. It’s her sordid personal life and the allegations against her that Omar has never refuted.

Prior to entering Congress, Ilhan Omar married her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009. Her brother was a British citizen, and it appears that she married him in order to commit immigration fraud so he could come to the United States. While legally married to her brother, she shacked up with some other poor sap and had several kids with him. All of this has been so thoroughly documented by investigative journalist David Steinberg that we don’t even have to say she “allegedly” committed marriage and immigration fraud.

She absolutely did it, and the FBI and the INS have steadfastly refused to investigate her for it.

Omar was also accused of committing federal student loan fraud to help her brother-husband. The two of them attended North Dakota State University together, and under the guise of their fraudulent marriage, they took out the biggest student loans possible to enrich themselves.

While she was actually married to her brother Ahmed Elmi, she filed her taxes as “married filing jointly” with the poor sap who fathered her kids. That poor guy! After she divorced her brother – conveniently right before she ran for Congress, she married that poor guy but then ended up divorcing him so she could marry her Democrat campaign manager. This is a nice arrangement since now she’s able to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors in Minnesota and elsewhere and pay her own husband for “consulting” on her campaigns. Nice work if you can get it.

Based on a three-year investigation by Steinberg and his team, they’ve determined that Ilhan Omar likely committed immigration fraud, marriage fraud, federal student loan fraud, Minnesota state tax fraud, and federal tax fraud. If all of the allegations against her are true – and it certainly looks like they are – Steinberg notes that this would be “the most extensive spree of illegal misconduct committed by a House member in American history.”

Ilhan Omar doesn’t just deserve to be kicked off the House Foreign Affairs Committee, although there is a certain irony to having her, of all people, on that committee.

She deserved to be kicked out of Congress entirely. Considering her antisemitic attitude, many would still like to see her gone. Republicans may not have forced her out in February, but they may now. And even if they don’t, she may not get the votes to stay another term.