Elon Musk Begins Suspending Leftists for THIS and the Meltdowns Begin

mundissima / shutterstock.com
mundissima / shutterstock.com

Elon Musk’s antics on Twitter have definitely been a hilarious and entertaining way to close out the year. Most of this year is awful due to Joe Biden destroying $14 trillion in household wealth across America, but at least Musk has given us a few laughs.

Last Thursday, he suspended the accounts of several mainstream media liars. The ensuing meltdowns at being treated exactly like conservatives have been treated for the past few years were fun to watch. One thing that many people on the right seem to be missing, though, is that Elon Musk is really sticking his neck out here. Democrats today are playing for keeps, and there’s a real chance that someone is going to try to kill Elon Musk or his family members.

The day before the suspensions happened, a crazy stalker dressing in Antifa black bloc chased Elon Musk’s car, thinking he was inside it. Someone else was in the car with Elon’s young son. The stalker blocked Musk’s car in traffic and then jumped on the hood.

The reason why this happened is that Democrats are always doxing Elon Musk’s personal location. Someone saw Musk’s car, assumed he was in it, and tweeted the exact location. Some guy (who is obviously a Democrat voter) followed the car and caused this altercation that would be terrifying for any parent. Online, print, and TV journalists amplified the doxing by not only tweeting about the story but also repeating the social media channels of the individuals doxing Musk.

As the new owner of Twitter, Musk suspended a bunch of leftwing reporters on Thursday night. The list of suspensions included Stephen L. Herman from Voice of America, Donie O’Sullivan from CNN, and that really ugly and hysterical girl who got fired from ESPN years ago named Keith Olbermann.

Musk thought it was hilarious that Olbermann had an account for her dog that she was furiously tweeting from, so he left that account active.

“It’s a RESCUE dog account, GENIUS!” tweeted Olbermann furiously before tearing the lid off another tub of ice cream.

In case anyone had any doubts about what a bunch of drama queens journalists are these days, they immediately dubbed the incident the “Thursday Night Massacre.” Seriously, it’s on Wikipedia right now. Here’s the original article from the internet Archive.

Nine reporters from various outlets received a temporary suspension on a social media platform that 97% of Americans are not even on, and they portray themselves as heroes who survived some sort of massacre.

It’s reminiscent of the pants-wetting the media did over the mostly peaceful protest on January 6th at the US Capitol.

Aaron Rupar, a lefty independent journalist who never hesitates to hurl himself at the boots of the Deep State for pats on the head, tweeted, “The rules are so vague you can get banned for anything, which is probably the point.”

Uh… that’s literally the standard that every conservative, up to and including a certain President of the United States, has been forced to deal with on Twitter since Obama’s second term in office.

But back to the original point. This is all hilarious on a certain level, but it’s very serious for Elon Musk. Every foot soldier of the Democrat Party who belongs to Antifa and Black Lives Matter is now on notice. They all know that if they should happen to have an opportunity to hurt Elon Musk or his family members, they’ll get a pass from the media, the Democratic Party, and very possibly the Department of Justice.

So, while it is entertaining, let’s all hope that Elon Musk is being extra careful in his personal life these days.