Delusional Jill Says Polls Are Going To Turn In Biden’s Favor

Andrew Leyden /
Andrew Leyden /

First Lady Jill Biden has apparently taken a deep dive into the delusional pool, confidently asserting that the polls will magically swing in President Biden’s favor before November, despite his ongoing struggle against former President Trump. Appearing on ABC’s “The View” Wednesday, Jill oozed optimism, claiming that as the campaign trail heats up, so will Biden’s poll numbers.

Jill Biden expressed unwavering confidence that they would connect with people wherever they are. She noted her constant travel and Joe’s frequent campaign efforts, emphasizing that they are not taking anything for granted and firmly believing that the polls will eventually turn in their favor. Jill claimed, “Those polls are going to turn, I’m confident of it.”

Jill seems to believe that Americans will flock to Biden once they get a crash course on the election’s stakes and the so-called stark differences between her husband and Trump. She believes that as the election draws nearer and people begin to pay more attention to what’s at stake, they will educate themselves on the issues and the differences between the two candidates. She is confident that, in doing so, Americans will ultimately choose what she considers good over evil, framing the election as a battle of almost biblical proportions.

She’s also eagerly anticipating the first debate on June 27, convinced that it will be Biden’s moment to shine and expose Trump for the babbling fool she thinks he is.

President Biden’s wife asserted that the American people deserve a debate to see their choices clearly, contrasting the views of Trump and her husband. She emphasized that viewers would witness her husband’s intelligence and experience. She also ironically implied that Trump struggles to form coherent sentences, a suggestion initially made by co-host Joy Behar.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Biden consistently trails or barely keeps up with Trump. Decision Desk HQ/The Hill’s polling averages have Trump leading by a slim but significant margin of just over one percentage point. Biden’s position looks even shakier in critical battleground states, with a Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll showing Trump ahead by 4 points in key swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Nevertheless, Biden’s campaign seems unfazed, casually brushing off these pre-election polls. The president has been out and about, campaigning in Philadelphia last Wednesday and making stops in New Hampshire and Massachusetts the week before. Perhaps Jill’s confidence is the kind of blind faith they hope to turn the tide.