Collusion Between Katie Hobbs & Twitter Impacted AZ Election

Thomas Trompeter /
Thomas Trompeter /

Elon Musk should stop curating the “Twitter Files” by having a pair of journalists selectively leak them, and just throw all the documents out there. Let independent journalists and everyday Americans crowdsource the docs, instead of having a couple of handpicked establishment journalists slowly pick through them.

The revelations in these files continue to shock people every day.

In the latest bombshell, it turns out the governor-elect Katie Hobbs in Arizona abused her position as Secretary of State to have Twitter censor her political opponents. If this is true (and we already know it is – let’s face it), then Katie Hobbs cannot be legally sworn in as Governor of Arizona.

Journalist Matt Taibbi has released internal Twitter emails that were sent by Hobbs on the day after the January 2021 “Fedsurrection.”

On January 7, Katie Hobbs’ office emailed the Center for Internet Security (CIS), which is a 501c non-profit. The email was cc’d to an employee at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which is a sub-branch of the Department of Homeland Security that has guns and is supposed to be protecting America from foreign threats.

The non-profit CIS and the federal CISA are the two cutouts that the Democrats have been using for years to censor conservatives on social media. Democrats email those two entities and request that social media posts be taken down.

The social media companies then censor, shadow-ban, or erase that content from the internet entirely. Because the censorship is happening at the best of a non-profit group, the Democrats in federal and state governments can say, “Well, I didn’t directly censor these people. It was Twitter/Facebook/YouTube acting on behalf of CIS.”

The subject line of the email from Hobbs’ office was “Election Related Misinformation.” The email identified two tweets from Republican account holders on Twitter. A CIS non-profit employee sent an email to Twitter next, stating: “Please see this report below from the Arizona SOS office. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

Twitter did not have any questions about why the Secretary of State from Arizona was emailing the Center for Internet Security. A Twitter employee wrote back: “Thank you … both tweets have been removed from the service.”

Legally and conceptually, this is no different than the US Army sending men with machine guns to your house and censoring you. This is government censorship of American citizens. Twitter knows it. The CIS knows it. The CISA knows it. DHS knows it. And we all know it.

Who was Katie Hobbs in all of this? The Secretary of State from Arizona is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. But if SHE has enough inside knowledge to use CIS to censor her opponents on Twitter, just imagine what Democrat Party congressional and presidential campaigns were doing to censor their political enemies.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is calling for a congressional investigation into Katie Hobbs’ illegal and unconstitutional actions. Greene tweeted this week: “Katie Hobbs used the power of the AZ SOS to collude w/ Twitter to unconstitutionally violate 1st Amendment rights of Americans for her own political gain. This is communism and Hobbs cannot be governor.”

We couldn’t agree more. Katie Hobbs took an oath when she was sworn in as Arizona’s Secretary of State.

She has violated that oath far more egregiously than anyone could have imagined.

Shutting up your political opponents using a cutout? Censorship? Stripping Americans of their First Amendment rights?

Katie Hobbs ran the Arizona elections in which she was a candidate for governor, refused to recuse herself from that job, censored her political opponents on social media, disrupted the ability of Republicans to vote on Election Day in Maricopa County, and then threatened to arrest county officials who were hesitant to certify what was obviously a fraudulent election.

This should be utterly disqualifying for any politician. If you violate the civil liberties of Americans, no matter your political party (but let’s face it this is always the Democrats), then you don’t deserve to hold office. In fact, you belong in a jail cell.