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Pop Quiz: What’s Your Voting Record Look Like?

What does YOUR voting record look like? Take the quiz now to see how diligent you've been about voting: Can't see the quiz? Click HERE.
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Is Marco Rubio Trump’s Secret Weapon for 2024? Insiders Think So

Former President Donald Trump is purportedly contemplating Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), his erstwhile adversary, as a potential running mate in his bid for reelection...
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Admiral Confirms the US Navy Is Spending Too Much Fending Off Attacks by the...

When the head of US military forces assigned to the Pacific region is being called on the carpet for spending too much on ammo...
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Israel vs. Hamas: Who’s Side is the Right Side?

Israel makes one claim and Hamas/Palestine makes another. Who is in the right? Take our quiz now: Can't see the quiz? Click HERE.
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After Years of Ads, Asbestos Finally Under a Comprehensive Ban in the US

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally announced a full and comprehensive ban on the use of asbestos in the US. Extensively used in...
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Supreme Court Fails MAGA County Commish Removed from Office for ‘Insurrection’

In 2022, an Otero County Commissioner in New Mexico named Cuoy Griffin became the first and only American to be barred from public office...
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Mystery Drones Have Been Swarming Langley AFB for Weeks

You’ve probably seen reports of alleged UFOs violating American air space around our military bases in increasing numbers in recent years. However, it appears...
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Bidenflation Forces Adidas to Have Record Loss of US Sales

The problems with inflation caused by President Biden have gotten so bad that the legendary European company Adidas has now posted its first loss...
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Trudeau Wants To Kill Online Free Speech in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now advocating for the end of free speech online through the Online Harms Act (Bill C-63). If enacted,...
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Wyoming Set to Eliminate Most Gun-Free Zones

A bill that would eliminate most gun-free zones in the State of Wyoming is now in the hands of Republican Gov. Mark Gordon. The...